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The Heartland of The United States

We are obsessed with the trappings of modernity and everything that is associated with modern living and tend to appreciate these luxuries forgetting that there is a world out there which could offer more than the materialism life is encompassed with in an urban lifestyle. The urban cities that we have been living in tends to make our lives monotonous and most of us go through the motions everyday forgetting that we are missing quite a lot when it comes to quaint and laid back living which none of the big urban cities could offer.

If we look into the heartland of the United States we could find some of the most beautiful, quaint, spectacular, quiet and the best small towns to visit which would keep us mentally and physical nourished after a few days or a weekend of living in one of them. They would be picture book perfect in every sense of the word and would give that feeling of being in a small part of paradise even for that short duration of time.

Some of these towns would need to be sourced out and visited and most of them are known to cater to visitors though not on a commercialized basis like the large tourist dominated cities around the country and even around the world. Whilst a day visit would take you to some of the best small towns in America an overnight stay would need to be planned and booked in advance because accommodation could be severely limited. These small towns are not commercialized, so if you are looking for anything that is an urban lifestyle you could be disappointed.

Best Small Towns in America

St. Augustine

St. Augustine in Florida, which is home to less than 13,000 inhabitants, would be the south of Spain or France if you are blindfolded and taken here and then your eyes opened up. The architecture is reminiscent of what you would find in the south of Spain or France and not what you would generally see along the coast of this otherwise picturesque state. It should be so, because it was the Spanish capital of Florida, founded, built and established by them in 1565 and was administered by them until the town was ceded to the United States in 1819.

The water color hues of the Castillo de San Marcos which is the oldest fort built of brick situated within the Colonial Quarter of the town near the Bridge of Lions would speak volumes of what the rest of the town of St. Augustine could offer.

St. Augustine in the early morning

Harper’s Ferry

Harper’s Ferry West Virginia, has a population of about 300 and could be the most beautiful and the best small town in the USA with a setting that would be any painters dream. It is picturesquely situated on the banks of the picture book perfect Shannendoah River which is right at the center of the Appalachian Trail. It would nostalgically remind anyone visiting this place that John Denver would have penned all his country and western songs seated along the river bank or at any point within the town. It has that kind of charm and with a railroad bridge that is steeped in history the town would be a perfect blend of European architecture but a real American heartland dream.

It exudes peace and anyone visiting this town would come back with memories etched into his or her mind which would be quite difficult to erase even after many years as something like this would be impossible to forget.

Harper’s Ferry in the late evening

St. Simon’s

St. Simon’s Georgia, which has a population a little less than 13,000 people has a very romantic setting and would be just the place if you are contemplating of proposing to your sweetheart. It has everything that a couple in love, would have to offer each other and it is picture book perfect and words would be difficult to find if one was to express oneself of the desires burning within.

The town has a Georgian allure about it with ample Spanish moss decorating the environs to bring that European charm to this exotic seaside resort town which is on a clean and pristine island. The town is surrounded by marshes and has that special feeling running down through the heart of everyone who would come visiting that there is more to the eye than what is seen as it is too beautiful to be true.

beach of St. Simon’s


Sitka in Alaska has a population of less than 9,000 inhabitants and has spectacular mountains which are laid back with the ocean waters washing up the shores to present a clean and pristine beach running along the perimeter of this island town. The ocean and the mountains blend perfectly offering any discerning visitor an eyeful of Nature’s abundance folding right before their eyes. The lapping waters of the ocean would hum any tune you would care to visualize and it is one place where time comes to a standstill and everything around is steeped in beauty and perfection.

Sitka city view


Leavenworth Washington, which has a population of less than 2,000 creates, the perfect ambience for anyone who would want to relax and rewind before going back to the perennial grind of an urban lifestyle. The town is more Bavarian rather than American and such it sits surrounded with more European charm which is what gives this town the beauty it exudes. It is perfectly laid back into the Cascade Mountains which are in itself very picturesque and quaint to experience, with rivulets streaming down the mountain sides hissing its way down. The architecture is what gives the town its Bavarian finesse and has been a favorite among many who have been able to visit this place and experience firsthand what it has to offer any discerning visitor.

mountains of Leavenworth


Tiburon California is home to just above 9,200 people and sits charmingly on an enclave in Marine County overlooking the famous Bay Area, giving the town a perfect and picturesque setting. It is more like an Italian town as it has all the trappings of something out of that European country. There are ample hiking trails to keep any enthusiast occupied and private lagoons which would be perfect for a romantic hideout.

view at the beach Tiburon

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