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A lot of people consider travelling in the US. You can find some travel destinations in the US that are less costly but the most fun accommodate a big budget too. If it is beaches, ski resorts, canyons, wine country and anything that you could find interesting, you will find it in this expansive state. As much as it is really glorious, the US is one of the most expensive places to travel. Whether you’ll be travelling short term or long term, the cost of travelling coupled with the cost of living results in an overall huge cost. However, these destinations are one of the most sought out by many travelers because of their rich experiences. Here’s a list of the most expensive travel destinations in the US.

Luxury Travel Destinations in the US


This big island holds almost everything nature can provide. Whether you love the sparkling white beach sand, the snow mountain peaks, the large lava desert or the dense rainforest, Hawaii would surprise you by exceeding your expectations. The place is equipped with everything that can’t seem possible in one place. You get to enjoy the nature plus the resorts in style and it all comes at a price.

Travelling in Hawaii is expensive because of its luxurious resorts, exquisite services and a whole load of other things that you can enjoy in the vast island. The hotels and resorts are known for their top-notch spa services where a relaxing getaway will be well served. The island can accommodate all kinds of interests and all you’ll need is a pocketful to explore the beauty in Hawaii.

beach in Hawaii

2.San Fransisco

Where the great Silicon Valley lies, is a city that can be described as a blend of New York and Los Angeles atmosphere. The city holds a lot of exquisite art and city infrastructure to marvel at. It has a wide range of views that will fascinate all ages. The famous Golden Gate Bridge is one of the prominent must visit places in San Fransisco. The food plus the art will attract anyone with wanderlust. The activity in this town is all a blend of slow and corporate pace which can be a great environment for any traveler.

San Fransisco is one of the most expensive cities to travel also the most expensive city to live in the whole of US. If one wants to have a good time in San Francisco even for a single day, they’ll have to splurge big time due to the standards of living.

Golden Gate Bridge

3.New York

A city loved by almost all the US residents has also attracted tourist masses in the short and long term. The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and many other places in the city exude greatness and attract tourists all year round. The city is constantly evolving yet it still holds on the diverse cultures in various city neighborhoods. Anyone from all walks of life will love NYC because somewhere in the masses, there will be someone of their originality.

From booking a hotel in Manhattan to staying in the outskirts of the city, the cost is high as the city’s glamorous skyscrapers. The standards of living are high and the bustling activity in the city is a struggle to keep up. However, just like the local’s desire to keep their life in the city, it’s a destination worth the price.

Central Park in New York

4.Palm Springs

This place is located on the Southern Californian desert. However, it’s so not dry in fun. The place is known for its trendy bars, fine dining and graceful sunsets that many travelers cherish. This is not the place to plan your activities. You get in and blend with the lazy lifestyle while you chill beside the pool and drink a variety of cocktails. You could also visit the museums and enjoy the native cultural collections the center is known for. For a honeymoon or lazy getaway, this is a perfect spot.

Just like the rich relaxation this place offers, the prices concur. It has something to do with the creative infrastructure and the uniqueness of the landscape. The spas in Palm Springs are a heaven to be and you’ll never go wrong with spending a fortune here. This is one of the best places to travel in the US.

Palm Springs view

5.Santa Barbara

And here comes the wine country filled with rich wine and rich farmers. If that’s the case, what will be the cost of travelling in such a rich land? Although countryside isn’t a place you’d see yourself spending money, this place is really expensive to travel. It is filled with breathtaking landscapes covered in grape vines and amazing winding roads. To travel around these places, you’ll need a nice off-road bearing car and quite an amount of dollars to ensure good services. Great wine, amazing resorts and rich families is just an overview of this place.

Just like the rich wine, getting good services in this place needs you to tug at your bank quite a lot. You’ll get to know the owners, talk about their life in the farm and how succession of the place has been. They are all amazing stories that you’d want to spend some nights listening. As you get some grapes’ scent and fresh air in this magnificent country, you’ll have to give out your experience’s worth.

harbor in Santa Barbara

Just like most expensive holiday destinations in Europe, the US provides the best experiences at a high price. The above list has places that will be able to accommodate all kinds of personalities from all walks of life. And just like everything, amazing things come with a price.

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