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US city to visit for travelers

America is a majestic country that attracts millions of tourists every year. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually travel through the expanses of a huge country, visiting large and small cities. And there really is something to see and wonder at. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular cities for long weekends.

Must-visit directions

Washington. Of course, the US capital is one of the most visited American cities. There are a lot of various restaurants here, so gourmets need to bypass several establishments, but first of all the city is considered the center of political life in the USA. If you want to learn more about the past and the real country, walk around the city, paying attention to the numerous monuments. Spring time is considered the best time to visit Washington, which will appear before you in the magnificent colors of cherry blossoms.

Washington Capitol

Orlando is located in Florida, and it is great for tourists who come to the US to capture the brightest moments and impressions in the memory and on the camera. Excellent shopping centers, amazing attractions at Disneyland, delicious food make Orlando a favorite holiday destination among tourists from all over the world. Therefore, this city definitely among the top long weekend getaway ideas. Here you will find more than 5000 restaurants, from exquisite, for gourmets and aesthetes, to family ones, with a delicious hearty simple meal. About 170 golf courses await beginners and professionals.

Orlando positions itself as one of the rare places in the US where you can enjoy quality outdoor recreation, such as boating, swimming, fishing, and there are also excellent hiking and cycling paths. Orlando is also considered a paradise for honeymooners, in addition, there are about a hundred interesting sights.

Disneyland in Orlando

Seattle. The small business center of Seattle and many attractions make it possible to “compress” and see the weekly program for one weekend. Take a coffee-latte and start your inspection with the world-famous Pike Place Market. Observe the “flying of the fish” (special tricks that the fish merchants show the viewers), then head to the Space Needle lookout tower, which offers a stunning view of the city and the surrounding water. Return to the ground and ascend the moonlit excursion boat heading for Blake Island, which has a supper, or canoeing through the arboretum.

Seatle from sky

New York offers its guests very different attractions: Wall Street, Broadway theaters, majestic skyscrapers, and the most famous of them is the Empire State Building. Also, travelers to New York City should visit the Statue of Liberty on the island, museums and try the famous street food, for example, a hot dog. New York attracts the attention of the whole planet. Every chef who opens a restaurant here, every fashion designer who offers a clothing line, every artist who hangs pictures in the gallery, feels the excited pulse of the city’s pulse that pervades every quarter of the “Big Apple”. Tourists enjoy with pleasure this energy, regardless of whether their senses bombard the grandeur of Times Square or envelops the unobtrusive attraction of artists exhibiting their work in the Union Square Park.

New York view

Miami and Miami Beach. Another long weekend getaways direction. Like a temperamental dance song, Miami and Miami Beach at any hour of the day and night pulsating in a constant rhythm. In sunny weather on the beach of South Beach you can meet the most popular celebrities and admire the chain of quaint life-saving stations in the Art Deco style. After dark, the Ocean Drive embankment, flooded with the bright lights of red, green, blue and pink neon lights, transforms into a luxuriously decorated scene, similar to which you can not find in the whole world. Everywhere signs of Latin American culture, reflected in the menu of restaurants and in the atmosphere of such neighborhoods as Little Havana, where men communicate in Spanish and good-natured bantering at each other, puffing on cigars and playing dominoes at Calle-ochio (8th street).

South Beach Miami

Chicago. City is famous for its professional sports teams, world-class restaurants and amazing architecture, is considered the most significant city in the Midwest of the United States. Of all the labels affixed to Chicago, the most appropriate is the “City of Original Areas.” It has more than 70 unique microdistricts — from Anderson to the North Side to Hyde Park on the South Side, and each of them has its own unique appearance. The city, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, also offers a wealth of opportunities for shopping lovers, especially along the “Magnificent Mile” — a segment of Michigan Avenue, full of boutiques and designer shops.

Chicago at night

Las Vegas. This is a complete everyday celebration and ideal place for long weekend trips. Imagine a gigantic theme park for adults, drowning in a sea of light and framed by stunning decadent buildings. It’s enough to stroll along the Las Vegas Strip to make sure that this is not a figment of the imagination, but a reality. Visitors will see here everything that their heart desires — from majestic fountains to laser light shows, from casinos, where they play on a large, to variety shows with the participation of well-trained performers. Sleep is the last thing any visitor thinks about here. To the services of a tourist who is a bit uncomfortable from the glare of Las Vegas, Fremont Street in the historic center of the city where many of the casinos are kept in a more old-fashioned way.

Las Vegas at night

Honolulu is booming commercial activity, it has many museums and the famous Botanical Garden named Foster (better places to picnic can not think of), but most of all the city is known as a starting point for exploring the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelago. Tourists mostly accumulate in the Waikiki is area for long weekend getaways with its luxurious beaches, shops, restaurants and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities — from surf lessons to sailing on catamarans. By the way, about surfing: the majority of local and visiting lovers of this sport are riding on waves in the vicinity of Khaleiwa, a coastal city on the North Shore.

Honolulu beach

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