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Things to do for a tourist in London

So, this is your first time in the UK capital. What to see? In addition to world-famous attractions such as the Big Ben, the Tower, Buckingham Palace or the Sherlock Holmes Museum in the city there are many other less untwisted but noteworthy places. The most famous ones, too, should not be avoided. We will tell you about interesting places that are worth seeing in London and also some London tips for tourists!

London in the morning

How to move across the city

Let’s give you a couple of tips to move freely around the city and see all the sights by traveling to London. Public transport is excellent, it is not as expensive as an auto. Use metro, the famous double-decker buses, trams, railways, water transport and taxi. The popularity of bicycles is growing.

London — a city in which the number of cars per capita is steadily declining, and the cost of parking is recognized as the highest in the world.

If you still decide to rent a car, then you should know some nuances. The entrance to the central zone is paid. If you don’t buy reusable, then from 11.5 GBP. And this is not all troubles: in the center often there is nowhere to park.

double-decker buses on the street of London

Must-see places for tourists

London Eye. The Ferris wheel is one of the newest attractions in London; however, it has already caught on to the inhabitants and tourists. Moreover, along with the more ancient sights of the British capital, the London Eye is considered a cult symbol of the city. Wheel was built in 2000. Today it is difficult to imagine London without this spectacular attraction. Wheel benches are made of glass in such a way that daredevils who dared to ride on it had the opportunity to view the city from all sides.

Working hours: from 11.00 to 18.00. Ticket price: from 23.45 pounds.

London Eye attraction

National Gallery. Located directly on Trafalgar Square, which is very convenient: you can always look here during a walk around London, because the entrance is free. The National Gallery has an excellent collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th century. In addition, there are interesting master classes and lectures that will help you learn more about history.

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 18.00, on Fridays from 10.00 to 21.00.

National Gallery in London

Buckingham Palace. It was built in 1837 and began to be used as the residence of the royal family. To find out if the Queen is at home, it’s enough to look at the flagstaff on the roof of the building. During important events, you can even see the queen and her family members on the balcony where they go out to greet the people.

Look at the change of the royal guard. The ceremony begins at 10.45 and lasts 45 minutes. It can be viewed free of charge every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Opening hours of the palace: from 09.30 to 18.30 or 19.30 depending on the season. The ticket to the palace: 23 pounds.

Buckingham Palace in London

Tower of London. The Tower is one of the greatest buildings in the world. Its walls keep the secrets of 900-year history, during this time he managed to serve as a royal palace, prison, place of execution, arsenal, treasury and even a zoo. Be sure to examine the priceless collection of royal jewelry, meet the Tower guards — the legendary bifitters, learn the legend of the Tower Crows and do not forget to make a commemorative photo against the background of the fortress.

Opening hours: 09.00 to 17.00. Ticket price: from 24.80 pounds.

Tower of London as tourist attraction

Madame Tussauds. Where can one see famous politicians, sportsmen, artists, models, artists and other celebrities of all ages in one place? Of course, only in the museum of Madame Tussauds, you allow to be photographed in an embrace with their idols. The museum exposition has about 300 characters.

Opening hours: from 9.30 to 17.30. Ticket price: from 33 pounds.

Madame Tussauds museum

Big Ben and the British Parliament. This is the main of London tourist attractions. Nothing associates with London more than this huge tower with a height of 97 meters, crowned with a giant clock and sonorous bell, which, in fact, is called the big Ben. The tower is especially good at night, in the light of all four dials that illuminate it from each side. Right next to Big Ben, stretching along the banks of the Thames, is the building of the British Parliament – Westminster Palace.

Opening hours: excursions to the parliament building are held on Saturdays. Ticket price: from 18.50 pounds.

Big Ben in London

Piccadilly square. One of the most popular places in London. Here crowds of tourists flock, Londoners like to appoint here meetings and meetings, and just sit next to the famous statue of Eros. Piccadilly Square does not sleep day or night, which is not surprising, because it is located at the intersection of several important streets – Piccadilly, Regent, Haymarket and Shaftesbury.

Piccadilly square in London

Covent Garden. A charming area of London, known primarily for the eponymous market and as the location of the Royal Opera House. But the attraction of Covent Garden is not only this: there are many restaurants, souvenir shops and stalls with handicrafts, which create a unique atmosphere in this area. In the central square you can see street artists entertaining the crowd with their songs, playing musical instruments or dancing.

St Paul’s Cathedral. The largest and most famous church in London, which is also considered one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world. Today’s image of St. Paul’s Cathedral, we owe the talent of Sir Christopher Wren, the famous English architect. Created by him a composition of two towers in the Baroque style with a majestic dome is considered a masterpiece of English architecture. If physical training allows you, we advise you to climb the stairs to enjoy the interior of the dome.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 08.30 to 16.30. Ticket price: from 16 pounds.

St Paul's Cathedral in London

Sherlock Holmes Museum. Welcome to Baker Street 221B, where, according to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there lived the great detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Visiting the Sherlock Holmes museum will give you the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the Victorian era and even imagine yourself in the place of the famous detective. In the souvenir shop of the museum you can buy funny gifts, whose ideas are borrowed from the works of Conan Doyle.

Opening hours: 09.30 to 18.00. Ticket price: 15 pounds.

Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

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