Cappadocia has a very long story of leadership. It came into recognition during the leadership of King Darius 1 and Xerxes. Ever since then, there have been fights and division until today’s Cappadocia was found. It is a major tourist attraction in turkey with a lot of activities to do. You will know that you are in Cappadocia when you see the fairy chimneys and hundreds of hot air balloons. Because of the beautiful climate in the area, you can do many activities. Let’s look at some of them.

Things to Do in Cappadocia

Visiting the Goreme open-air museum

Why is it called an open-air museum? It holds over 30 carved rocks that stand magnificently in the open. The rocks were carved to serve as churches and chapels. They are very real and till now, their vintage can be seen. No alteration is done on them. They look exactly how the original inhabitants of the place carved them. They are in one location so you do not have to travel from one to another. The top of the carvings is given a different look. They look like huts from a distance. You will be surprised to see that they are rocks carved to assume the shape of huts. The crafters’ intention was for the carvings to be used as churches and chapels. Today, they are a major tourist attraction.

Book a room in the cave hotels

It is an adventure also. The occupants of the area used to live in caves, be one of them for a few days. The cave hotel helps you understand the history of the people of Cappadocia. I found this to be one of the best things to do in Cappadocia. Back home, we are used to all modern and smart homes. The period I spent in Cappadocia gave me a unique feeling. The experience will be a bit different because you have access to some modern amenities. There are Wi-Fi and other basic things. But the largest part of it preserves the culture of the people of Cappadocia.

Horse riding

Cappadocia is known to be a place that bred horses. The term itself means the land of beautiful horses. So, instead of sitting on a tour bus, ride a horse across the vast landscape of the area. There are many locals to meet on the way. This place that was formed as a result of the volcanic explosion has a lot for you. You will come past many rocks and valleys. The rocks are so attractive. The horses are well-kept and they are available in different breeds. During the peak season, there are many tourists riding horses also. This makes it look like a horse riding competition. It also ensures that you are not bored.

Hot air balloon ride

Appearing on the best things to do in Cappadocia list, riding on a hot air balloon is overwhelming. From the above, you are able to see the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia. You will get a mesmerizing view of the valleys and rocks. It is a rocky terrain and seeing it from above the ground is awesome.

A tour in the underground cities

Was I going to forget this? No. Cappadocia has many underground cities. The cities are built under the rocky terrain of this beautiful place. Everything is original the same way the original inhabitants crafted them. Kaymakli Underground City is said to be the biggest of them all. Can you imagine it has eight floors? The eight floors are built downwards. You might not tell that there is anything there. The cities are well ventilated and safe. There is a lot of crafting inside. There are bedrooms as well and in some, a church is built inside. It is like building a house inside a house underneath. The underground cities are the best things to do in Cappadocia. You can fail to do all the others but make sure you have an experience of this and the cave hotels.


Hiking is an activity that most people do in most vacation destinations. A hike in the valleys and rocks of the Cappadocia is not just a hike. You are exploring a land that was formed out of a volcanic eruption. You can imagine the scenes left behind. Along the hike, trails are people running their businesses. You can stop for a snack or a cup of tea. The residents are very welcoming and loving.

A visit to the pink salt lake

This is not located in Cappadocia. However, it is worth checking since you are in its neighborhood. It is located approximately two hours’ drive from Cappadocia. The lake is pink in color. Its view is worth a few hours’ drive outside Cappadocia.


You may not be able to visit all the places because of your limited time to stay. There are so many things to do in Cappadocia but you may not experience them all. This article gives you the best places to maximize your short period of stay. For instance, there are so many hiking trails, but choosing one is the best. This will give you enough time to do other things. Vacationing is not all about going to the island and coasts for the cool sandy beaches and swimming. It is time to change that and forget about the tradition. There are other cheaper and relaxing places to visit. Aren’t you bored with swimming and boat riding? Explore Cappadocia and experience something different. It is an eye-catching tourist attraction city.

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