Is it safe to travel to Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is quite a safe country for tourists, if to be cautious. Do not walk in unfamiliar lonely places at night, keep a close eye on a purse and a bag and bypass big noisy companies, etc. Despite the fact that the main religion of the country is Islam, the customs in large cities are quite free. Here you can safely walk hand in hand and wear revealing clothes. But it is better to behave more reservedly in the outback, especially it concerns women.

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Local policemen are very strict about violations of public order. Attitude towards tourists is wary, but courteous and attentive. It will be a great idea to keep your passport with yourself.  It will greatly facilitate the relationship with the police.

It is strongly recommended not to film military objects and airports on the camera.

You can drink water in Kyrgyzstan without fear. It is tasty and healthy as is supplied from sources. Food should be consumed only after careful processing; fruits and vegetables need to be washed and peeled. As climate in the country is hot and dry, it is always better to have water and sunglasses with yourself.

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What is more, it is worth paying attention to very warm and comfortable clothes in the winter and clothes made from natural fibers in the summer. Also you should stock up with means from insects.

The best cities and sights of Kyrgyzstan

You can begin your travel with the greenest city of Central Asia – Bishkek. There are a large number of park areas with tall trees and green shrubs that make it possible to hide from the scorching sun.

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The city is relatively young; therefore, there are only few historical monuments and several museums, including the Historical and the Zoological, where unique national artifacts are kept.

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The second largest city is Osh, which has preserved the charm and mystery of the Ancient East. It served as an important trade route between the western and eastern states for many centuries and was famous for its noisy and vibrant bazaars. One of the main markets has survived to the present day and is very popular among the local population and visitors. In ancient times Osh has been a center of pilgrimage of Muslims, which is connected with the legends about the extraordinary power of the holy mountain Sulaiman-Too.

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The country has an excellent tourist destination for fans of outdoor activities. Lovers of hiking, climbing, skiing and other extreme activities come here with pleasure. The most popular ski resort is located in Karakol, lying at the foot of the mountain range.

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