Top Destinations For Travel In July

The Top Destinations For Travel In July.

Summer is a time of good weather, carefree rest and travel. After all, children and students have a vacation, which means that you can go on a trip as a family or as a company. And to make it easier for you to choose where to go, we prepared the best directions for trips in July. Prepare your suitcases!

best directions for trips in July

Where is the best way to spend a vacation in the middle of summer.

Rich nature of Kenya. In Africa in July, the rainy season has already ended and all the beauty of wildlife opens up for tourists. Approximately, at this time there is a period of migration of animals and birds. You can see zebras on the plains, gazelles grazed and a lot of exotic birds.
The temperature in the mid-summer is lower, the climate is milder. Of course, don’t forget about safaris and beaches. Go to Watamu, where a golden sandy shore is washed by the ocean. And for those, who want to immerse themselves in the culture of Kenya, excursions to the Maasai tribe will take place, where you can learn more about the life and way of life of the local people.

beauty of Kenya

Sunny and hot Cyprus. Cyprus is south from Turkey, so here in July is even more hot weather. Saves the fact that the island is better blown by the winds and the sunshine is not so strongly felt. Here, tourists are waiting for a large selection of hotels and a high level of service in them. Conditions for fans of spending time on the beach and in the hotel bar are ideal.
Of the sights worth visiting the city of Kourion. In ancient times, Kourion was the center of commerce, and then was destroyed by a strong earthquake. But still, the main attractions have survived to our days. Jeep ride through the most picturesque places of the island with a visit to the unique Akamas nature reserve, the Gulf of Lara, the bathing place of Aphrodite. You will see rare species of birds, plants, animals, as well as the beach where sea turtles lay eggs.

Kourion of Cyprus

Unusual Tokyo. There is no such time for Tokyo to be bad, but the middle of the summer is really considered a low season. This is only a plus, at this time there isn’t many tourists, and the local people leave for the suburbs because of the hot weather. Prices at this time are slightly lower than in the following months.
Required to attend the Tokyo TV Tower, the fastest and most comfy train Shinkansen — one of the modern symbols of Japan and Shibuya — the place of the most famous fashion shops in the capital. Do not forget about the local cuisine: delicious ramen and sushi is definitely worth a try.

middle of the summer in Tokyo

Sea Italy. The peak of the beach season in Northern Italy begins in mid-July. Italian resorts attract the opportunity to combine interesting excursions with passive rest, but this country is usually chosen by wealthy tourists or those who have seen much and looking for new impressions. Children will like the warm Adriatic Sea with a gentle sunset and sandy beaches, and adults have Italian cuisine and wine.
From the cities of Italy you can visit Tuscany with gorgeous villas and rest by the pool, Milan — the center of the fashion and Florence, where you can visit the stunning Castle of Castello di Casole.

beach season in Northern Italy

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