Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, you can’t actually resist visiting Thailand, if you pay a visit even once, and you will keep going because you can never get enough of the amazing destinations in this country, from the best beaches to the unique culture and mouthwatering food, not forgetting the numerous temples among many other things. This is the reason why it is the top holiday destination for tourists from all over the world; it is just a must-visit destination for any person who is starting out on touring.

However, if you are travelling to Thailand, you should be very careful, the country has a very preservative culture; you are not allowed just to do anything that may go against the culture of the land. Every culture has some kind of unwritten rules which you cannot go against.

Thailand Travel Tips on What You Should Avoid Doing

1. Touching people’s heads

This is one of the tips for going to Thailand. The Thai culture does not gladly accept this behavior, and not just to touch but to raffle the hair of people whether men or women in public. The reason for this is that in Thailand, your head is the holiest part of the body hence it should not be touched just by anybody; however, there is an exception to this, if you are with your lover and strictly in private you can do that. It is also seen as a disrespectful act to touch people’s heads, it is advisable then to avoid such behavior when travelling in Thailand. If you are used to this, you better be alert when interacting with people there.

2. Touching the monks if you are a woman

Monks are the most respected people in Thailand according to their religious beliefs. The monks are not supposed to get in touch with a woman. If they want anything, they will ask or do indirectly. This is the reason why you should not attempt to touch a monk, even in public transport, as a woman you cannot sit next to a monk and so you should be careful even when you are travelling with public transport. Always avoid getting contact with a monk especially if you are a woman.

3. Taking illegal drugs

This is very common if you explore the nightlife of Thailand, there are very many pubs and bars for drinking, if you land in a bar or a pub, you may come across the illegal drugs in Thailand, if you come across this, do not be tempted to try out, this is because, there is a heavy penalty that comes with illegal drugs in Thailand, especially when you are a foreigner. To save you from the trouble you should avoid illegal drugs in whatever situation.

4. Being too much affectionate in public

As you know about the preservative nature of the Thai culture, this is not welcomed, things which might seem extreme like kissing in public or hugging affectionately in public is not allowed. In the previous years, even holding hands in public was not allowed but this has changed over time. This is what you should avoid when walking in the streets, even if you feel like doing something like that never try it in public, you better find a private place to do so.

5. Insulting the royal family

Direct from Thai history, it is a crime to insult the monarchy. In fact, this is in the laws of the land that whoever defames, insults or try to threaten the royal family will face imprisonment of between 3 years and 15 years. This is something you should be very keen with. If you get to know that you are getting in contact with the royal family you better keep your head down so that you may stay safe. Even if you feel provoked, you better swallow your anger just to stay safe.

6. Taking Buddha images out of the country

This sounds like some kind of a joke but it is very serious in Thailand, you are not allowed to take images of Buddha out of Thailand, It is even included in the laws; very many people have faced the consequences before for trying to get out of the country with the pictures. Even if you find good pictures in a store, do not attempt to buy, and if you buy, you better leave them in the country or give them to other citizens of Thailand just to avoid trouble.

7. Sunbathing nude

Well, this might not necessarily have been written anywhere but it is culturally unacceptable, many people will stay away from you if you try such a thing. According to the Thai culture, no one is allowed to be seen in public nude, if you have to sunbath then make sure you are at least covered enough not to offend the people in the area. It is offensive if you do such a thing in public.

8. Staying beyond your visa period

This is one of the things you should avoid doing in Thailand. If you overstay you will be forced to pay a fine every one more day you stay. If you do this for a long time you will end up in jail and as a result, your passport may be marked as an undesirable alien which give you problems when you want to travel to other parts of the world and from going back to Thailand for close to 15 years. For you to avoid such a thing you should know your days of stay better and leave when you are done.

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