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Tanzania as a popular travel destination

Tanzania is the mother of the beauty in Zanzibar. This should be is your next big stop as you delve into your African Safari dream. It’s sunny and warm environment welcomes you on the beautiful beaches. This harmonious multicultural and multilingual country has the best local insights into the African style, Arabic style, and a fine touch of Asian-European taste.

Alongside ancient but unique architectural designs, Tanzania has long rich wildlife and breath-taking sceneries that complement the amazing culture. Unforgettable holiday experiences can be made from Tanzania. It beckons you to Take a break and spend some time in the pristine beaches soaking up the sun.

Best Time to Travel to Tanzania

Tanzania has a variety of climates. So, the best time to travel to Tanzania is when you are sure not to miss out on the fun. To get the best out of your holiday, it is wise to go at that right time. Why some tourist attractions like wildlife are seasonal. You don’t want to travel only to find that your supposed attraction is no longer there. Take for instance; you can visit the parks of your choice during the dry season, which is from June to October. However, there is also the famous wild beast migration caravan at Serengeti which runs between November and August. Some activities like hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro and visitation to the islands of Zanzibar cannot take place in the rainy seasons (March to May). So the best time to visit them in August or October. The only activity that you can be sure to enjoy without the restrictions are the sandy beaches which run through the season.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Tanzania?

The number of Petty crimes and violence determine the level of security in a country. Despite the recent breaks in terrorism and general insecurity in Africa, Tanzania has managed to keep its cool. The people of Tanzania are extremely caring. All you have to do is like the Swahili dishes, say hi, try to learn Swahili and you will be good to go. With over 120 tribes, they all welcome visitors to their homes and indulge them on the Tanzanian culture. The red draped Maasai warriors live in close proximity to the national parks. These semi-nomadic groups take pride in their warrior stride. They will bring your hunting skills to the next level. Who would not enjoy watching them tower high above the heights off the ground? You have the opportunity to learn about the various traditional ways of living. During travels through Tanzania, you will encounter and interact with a vast number of locals who will share their culture.

The Tanzanian government gives particular care to places frequented by tourists. Although these measures are in place, personal security is to be given priority by ensuring that you remain vigilant at all times. Also, keep tabs on the travel advice in the areas that you intend to visit. Regularly update with local Tanzania events.

Tanzania Tourist Attractions

Both unique and stunning places that offer a kind of break that is both indulging and enjoyable. Have a look at the following:

National Parks

Undeniably, the Big Five are Tanzania’s most popular attractions. They consist of the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant. Unlike other countries, they are easily spotted in the reserves and national parks in the Serengeti National Park hundreds of huge creatures like hippo vie for the small space. Watching them struggle is amazingly stunning. The Tarangire National Park is famous for classic game viewing. Wildebeest migration at Serengeti will enable you discover the barely visited Savannah coastline.

elephants in National Park of Tanzania


Their beaches in Tanzania are clean and unique. Matema beach is a heavenly space at the helm of Lake Malawi. It can serve both your swimming and hiking needs

house on thee rock at beach of Tanzania

Cultural heritage

From the Arusha cultural Centre, you will get all the information on over 120 Tanzanian tribes. You will be stunned by the gemstones, carvings and cultural clothing.

Stone Age Sites

These sites are valued at almost 30,000 years. The Isimila site is one of the most significant. This museum site has the ancient hammers and other tools that take us back to the Stone Age. Erosion fault lines also gave birth to the famous Olduvai Gorge Stone Age site that harbors the early mankind remnants.

Stone Age Sites of Tanzania


The fresh water in Lake Victoria is ideal for swimming and relaxing. Additionally, the volcanic caldera at the Ngoro Ngoro Crater creates a beautiful picturesque. Do not forget the Changgu Island which is home for endangered species. They are the gifts of Tanzania. They are complemented perfect green cloves on the Pemba Island. They showcase an excellent garden that can be used for snorkeling and diving. You can enjoy watching the green turtles breed. Tanzania has an amazingly beautiful forest coverage. They comprise huge mangrove swamp and small animals like monkeys. The mountains in the country provide a magnificent sight. Mount Kilimanjaro provides a lunar landscape that is the homage to birds of all feathers. Kitulo plateau is a garden grassland garden that houses thousands of primates. Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. You can enjoy a trek on this mountain in Tanzania.

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