Switzerland — a northern snowy fairy tale

Switzerland is a small country, but big in height — its villages with white belfries tend to get closer to the sky. Almost the whole territory is occupied by rocky peaks, pine forests, lakes and deep valleys with flowering meadows. For the perfect trip, we prepared the top Switzerland tourist attractions.

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Time to pack suitcases in Switzerland

Switzerland has a characteristic climate for central Europe with small temperature changes and an average amount of precipitation. During the whole year, it is quite windy in all parts of the country.

Mountains have a significant impact on the climate of the country, in the south of Switzerland are the Alps, and in the north of the mountain Jura.

The best time to travel to Switzerland for a sightseeing holiday: June-August.
Ski season in Switzerland: December-March.

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The most interesting places to see

Bernese Cathedral. The Bernese Cathedral is one of the main religious attractions of Bern and the largest church in Switzerland. It is located in the Old Town, on the Muensterplatz square. Earlier on the site of the cathedral was a small church, consecrated in honor of St. Vincent and belonged to the Teutonic Order.

After examining the cathedral you can climb the tower-bell tower, which leads to the spiral staircase. The hundred-meter tower is a viewing platform from where you can not only admire the spectacular views of the city and its surroundings, but also make wonderful photos.

Bernese Cathedral in Switzerland

Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden of the University of Berne is an excellent place for walking and exploring the Swiss alpine flora and an extensive collection of diverse plants brought from North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The garden is located in the southern part of the city, next to the Lorrainebrücke bridge. You can get to the garden by bus №20, to the Gewerbeschule stop.

Mount Utliberg. One of the best places to travel in Switzerland. It has a height of only 871 meters above sea level. But a favorable location in the immediate vicinity of the city allows you to enjoy the views of Zurich, the lake, the Alps and the Limmat valley from its top Uto Kulm.

In the summer, footpaths and bike routes for tourists are open to Utliberg. The climb to the top of the mountain will take about an hour, and the panoramic route “Planet” — about two hours. It is open from March to November and is a cognitive walk. Along the road there are mock-ups of the planets of the Solar System on a scale with explanatory signatures.

Utleberg is also popular among amateurs flying on a paraglider. And in winter it is possible for the whole family to ride a sleigh on an equipped road more than three kilometers long. The track is open even at night!

Mount Utliberg in Switzerland

Lake Geneva. Or Lake Leman, is the largest lake in the Alpine region and one of the largest and most picturesque water bodies in Europe.

The water in the lake is pretty cool and you can swim here only in July and August, for which several platforms and grassy beaches have been built here. But tourists and residents of Geneva come here not for beach rest, but for a soothing atmosphere, clean air and mild climate. The best way to reach the lake is by train, which runs from Cornavin railway station in Geneva to Lausanne station.

Lake Zurich view

Lake Zurich. Zurich is in the western part of the lake, on the eastern side of the fragrant rose gardens of Rapperswil.

Earlier the lake performed mainly a transport function, now it is also a place for relaxation, sightseeing trips, beach holidays. Regularly on the lake Zurich you can make a walk on the boat. Favorites among tourists are old wheeled steamers “Stadt Zürich” and “Stadt Rapperswil”. The shipping company of Zurich offers a variety of thematic trips from late March to late October.

Lake Zurich view

Zurich West. This area flourished during the industrial revolution, large factories and factories worked here. Gradually, they fell into decay and closed.

Now the area was reborn in a new format. This is a modern fashionable quarter, where the atmosphere of relaxation wonderfully intertwined with the spirit of the working past. In the former factory hangars, shops, restaurants, galleries and clubs opened.

The largest cultural center of the district is Schiffbau. Here, theater performances, jazz concerts and other events are held. Be sure to visit it in travel to Switzerland.

The Old City of Bern. The old town, with its rich historical and cultural heritage and many architectural buildings, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All the buildings of the old part of the city belong to different periods. Cobbled streets of the old city are adorned with representative houses of the XV century, on the facades of which you can see colorful, colorful various sculptures, and squares – spectacular sculptural fountains, created in the XVI century, in the Renaissance.
In addition, in the old part of the city there are many interesting museums, art galleries, restaurants and bars.

The Old City of Bern from sky

Town Hall. One of the main architectural symbols of Zurich. The three-story building is a baroque style example. The richly decorated facades of the Town Hall give the impression of a palace rather than an administrative building.

Interior of the Town Hall has also been preserved since the time of construction. It has a lot of decor: stucco molding, crystal chandeliers, an ornament on the ceiling and even a ceramic stove. Today in the Town Hall are various receptions and city meetings and councils.

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