Switzerland is well-known for its natural eye-catching beauty. Landscapes, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, all the natural beauty gathered in Switzerland. Iseltwald is a beautiful and small village with a population of only 400 people, located near Lake Brienz. It has a history as places for the breeding of snails; therefore, it is also known as Snail Island. It is also designated as one of the Swiss Heritage sites. It is a peaceful village which you can choose to spend your vacation period. IF you want to spend your vacation in some peaceful noise-free area in Switzerland, then choose Iseltwald.

Make Your Trip to Iseltwald as a Memorable One by Following Some Tips

Book hotel room

Hotel Strand lies just on the shores of Lake Brienz. Book a room in the hotel and enjoy the eye-catching sights from windows. Wander around and then rest in the hotel. If you are not able to afford hotel expenses, then find some good family who can allow you to stay at their home as a paying guest. It is necessary first to find some residency to enjoy other days in Iseltwald.

Go for hiking

Hiking in Iseltwald will be so exciting. There are almost 56 hikes in Iseltwald. Out of these 56 hikes, there are four pilgrim trails and 52 hiking trails for adventurers. These heights are waiting for the hikers to come and enjoy the beautiful sights.

Trail of three waterfalls

Water roaring and thundering, what an exciting view. The trail of three waterfalls attracts the tourists to hike from Bonigen via Iseltwald to Brienz. Families are allowed there. So if you are enjoying your vacation with your family, then this trail will be the best experience for your family. You and your family members must be fit physically to enjoy the hike through waterfalls.

Travel around

Around Iseltwald, there are many other exciting sites. If you are in Iseltwald, then don’t miss the other sights too. Go, travel through the water. Pick a boat, launch to the west of ferry landing. Move through the waters and enjoy the sites.

Top sights in Iseltwald

The best sites to visit while enjoying a vacation in Iseltwald include:

Lake Brienz

It is located in the north of the Alps, the best site to visit in Canton of Berne. Its exact location is Bernese Highlands. Tourists love to visit due to its enchanting view, a beautiful green area with natural beauty.


Faulhorn is the name of Mountain of Bernese Alps, and it is located between Grindelwald and Brienz. IT is too high, and one cannot reach there easily. Several trails should be followed to reach the mountain.


A beautiful natural lake situated above Grindelwald. A natural dam is present here, a unique thing.

Schyinge platte

A small beautiful mountain with soul catching viewpoint, present in Bernese Highlands.


It is a beautiful mountain near Lake Brienz. A large forest is present all over this mountain.

Some tips for travelers

Iseltwald is full of enchanting natural sites where you can find peace in nature and enjoy the weather with a peaceful mind. But, as a tourist, you must keep these things in mind:

  • There are no ATMs in Iseltwald so keep your cash with you.
  • Tourists will find every information for tourists at the Ferry landing.
  • In the village, there is only one local shop which has timings, keep its timings in mind.

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