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Paradise island in the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is hospitable island, whose coasts washed by the Indian Ocean. Country is not big, the nature here is striking in variety, and the sights in different parts of the island offer a lot of opportunities for travelers. Choose where to go and when, historical places and national parks, the magnificent beaches and picturesque highlands— find out more about Sri Lanka vacation and start planning your trip.

Sri Lanka wahsed by Indean Ocean

What can Sri Lanka offer for tourists?

The island of Sri Lanka is located in South Asia; the country is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. The climate here is hot, the average air temperature in all parts of the island reaches a mark from +25 to +30 C°. The best time to visit Sri Lankafor a swim in the dark ocean is from October to April. On the contrary, not the best time for a trip to the island — from May to July, here is the season of monsoons and rains. The water temperature is on average 26 C°, so don’t forget to take a swimsuit.

The climatic condition for living and tourism is ideal. Also, Sri Lanka is a beautiful exotic place, for those who love warm weather, but do not tolerate the scorching sun and heat. The best time for a beach holiday and swimming on the ocean coast of the island is from October to April, and in the northeast — from March to November.

What to see in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is interesting not only for it’s tea plantations, but also for monuments of architecture, botanical gardens, temples, royal palaces, as well as other exclusion objects. Sri Lanka’s attractions are very popular with tourists around the world. Firstly, Sri Lanka points of interests is the Buddhist temples. There are 8 monuments in Sri Lanka that are protected by UNESCO. There are 20 national parks in the country. Those who are interested in history will find here ancient cities, tamples, many monuments of ancient architecture. Nature lovers will be able to immerse themselves in the tropical jungle, see the magnificent waterfalls, national parks and amazing animal life. All the people saw Sri Lanka called it a country of “50 shades of green.” The nature here is very beautiful. There are many things to do in Sri Lanka.

sri lanka for nature lovers

Adam Peak is one of the most interesting sights of the island. It reaches 2224 meters in height. This is a place of pilgrimage, where thousands of believers from all over the world come to touch the sacred relics. The peak of Adam is considered a sacred place. Buddhists call it Sri-Pada (“sacred trail”), believing that Gautam Buddha himself visited this place. Everyone who goes there, can touch the track, supposedly left by the Buddha.

It is impossible to bypass one more historical monument —“Lion’s Hill”. At its top was built a unique royal palace-fortress of King Kashyapa. Palace interior impresses visitors with old frescoes, quaint architectural forms and galleries of the building.

If you move from Sigiriya to 12 km. in the south-west direction, you will arrive at Dambulla (RangiriDambulluWahaya) — a complex of cave temples. It is located at an altitude of 350 meters hight. The complex includes 5 caves. Here is the largest number of temple statues of Buddha. Some of them are over 2000 years old. Also, the temple complex demonstrates beautiful patterns of wall paintings that fascinate visitors.

For lovers of beach holidays

Western Sri Lanka beaches are often associated with the south-western part, which stretches from Vaduva to Halle. The beaches here are huge, with golden sand. The northern part of the west coast, on the country, is not very developed and authentic.The most popular beaches are on the regions of Bentota and Hakkaduwa.
Kalutara beaches stretch both sides of the city, a little further from Kalutara. The format of the holiday here is calm, the hotels are very good, although the tourist infrastructure is largely limited to the hotel.

Kalutara beaches

Negombo beach is a popular starting point for travel around Sri Lanka, as it is located near the airport. Here you can relax a couple of days before a trip on the beach, watch the local fishermen and eat delicious seafood. When planning a stop in Negombo, remember that swimming in the ocean in the Negombo area is unlikely to happen, as there are always huge waves and strong currents here.

Ahungalla is a very nice little town halfway from Bentota to Hikkaduwa, about 15 km. Excellent beach, turtles, inexpensive accommodation, and the availability along the beach are very good restaurants and cafes.

Bentota beach is the largest Sri Lanka beach and most popular island resort. This Sri Lanka resort region was named after the town of Bentota, located on the north bank of the flowing Bentota Ganges River. Bentota is famous for two things — good hotel-villas and turtle nurseries.

Features of cafes and food in Sri Lanka

We advice you to try the authentic Sri Lanka food. Of course, like all Asian dishes, it’s flavored with pepper and hot sauces. But don’t be afraid, and try the most famous dishes of traditional Sri Lanka cuisine:

• Rotti— pancakes of thin dough with various fillings: from bananas with chocolate to chicken and seafood. Simple, cheap and tasty. Triangular vegetable pancakes are always quite hot.

• Kottu— something like a finely chopped hamburger. Can be vegetable, cheese, with meat or seafood.

• Rice with curry — boiled rice with several

traditional Sri Lanka cuisine

In each, even the provincial Café Hikkaduwa, there will be a washstand with liquid or ordinary soap. So you can wash your hands without problems, and this is cool.

In less popular places, food is spicy. Of course, you can ask for “No chili,” but not the fact that you will be understood. So order a bottle of cold water, stock up on napkins and get ready mentally. You see red dots — it’s red pepper, you can try to pull it out.

You can choose white or red rice as a garnish. Just say “Red rice” if you want to try it. In most restaurants in Sri Lanka, order 1 plate for two persons, portions are big here.

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