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South Korea Travel. Plan Your Holiday

A trip to South Korea you’ll remember the rest of your life. After all, it is an incredible mix of ancient sights and monuments of modern times. We advise you to read carefully this article in order to make your memories be associated exclusively with pleasant moments. It will help you better prepare for the upcoming trip.

South Korea: travel tips

Tickets. If you decide to go to South Korea, determine the dates in advance, because the cost of the flight will depend on the chosen dates. You can find the cheapest tickets to South Korea in September, November and February.

Accommodation. All hotels in the country are divided into five classes – from third-class to super-lux hotels according to the European system. In addition to them, there are also Korean hotels – yogwan.

Accommodation in South Korea

Transport. South Korea is a state with a superbly developed transport infrastructure. Guests of the country can travel on high-speed trains, buses, metro and taxis. To rent a car you will need international driver’s license. All public transport and orange taxis (public) are paid by the T-money system. It is a plastic card, where you can make a deposit.

Money. Do not count on credit cards – they are accepted, but rarely and reluctantly, because Koreans are very fond of cash. Therefore, exchange part of the money immediately at the airport, and the rest – in banks.

Life in South Korea

Safety regulations. A lot of tourists want to know “Is it safe to travel South Korea?” Don’t worry! Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. There is practically no drug addiction (drugs are absolutely forbidden), pickpocketing or attacks. What is more, car theft is still considered a sensation. The traditional morality of society is so strong that it is almost impossible to meet some rudeness. Almost all urban areas are well-lit and constantly patrolled by police.

Traditional greeting. Don’t forget about the traditional greeting – you should slightly bow. Koreans also prefer to bow, rather than say “thank you.” A direct look at the eyes can be regarded as a threat and disrespect. Remember, that you can get a fine, if you appear in a public place in a state of intoxication.

Koreans also prefer to bow, rather than say thank you

In general, South Korea is a very safe and peaceful country, where people are friendly towards tourists. Be polite and do not disturb public order, and then your vacation will be wonderful!

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