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The best countries to visit in South America: where to go and what to see?

Nowadays, tourism is rapidly developing and it would seem that it is already impossible to surprise a tourist. But there is one continent in the world that attracts tourists like a magnet. It is South America. A trip to South America will allow you to take a fresh look at our vast world. It is hard to believe, but there are still places where the human has never set foot. In this article we will not consider all fifteen countries of the South American continent, but only five.


Top 5 countries in South America

#1 Peru.

This country will show you the secrets of the ancient Inca civilization. Mysterious drawings of the Nazca desert, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu national park will not leave cold even those who are not interested in history. The landscapes of this amazing country will please lovers of wildlife.


#2 Brazil.

It seems that everyone has heard about the famous Brazilian carnival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro. This colorful event is worth seeing at least once in life. In addition, there are such natural monuments as Amazon floods and Iguazu Falls. Also, there are many beaches, tropical forests and mountains.


#3 Chile.

Another country, which is famous for its wildlife is Chile. A huge number of mountains, forests, beaches and lagoons attract fans of adventure holidays. There are even three world-famous volcanoes: Chillan, Villarrica and Llama. You can meet amazing representatives of flora and fauna in the mountains of Chile. And, of course, the mysterious and astonishing Easter Island, whose stone monuments are an interesting secrecy for archaeologists all over the world, are also here.


#4 Argentina.

Waterfalls and mountains, forests and coasts create striking contrasts of nature, which very organically complement each other. The capital of the country, Buenos Aires, transfers you from the hot tropics to Europe with its atmosphere. Architecture, cuisine, and culture of this city will not leave anyone indifferent.


#5 Venezuela.

In addition to the highest waterfall in the world, Angel, this country is famous for its beaches. It is not for nothing that the coast of the Caribbean Sea has been attracting beach lovers from all over the world for a long time. Tropical landscapes only enhance the beauty and uniqueness of this resort.

Venezuela Caribbean Sea

Choosing South America as a place for rest, you will provide yourself with an amazing and exciting journey into the world of beauty, relaxation and amazing mysteries of antiquity!

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