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Best Countries to Visit in South America.


Peru is full of wonders; from historical monuments to natural sites, which attract millions of tourists coming from distant corners of the world. The majority of travelers are interested in visiting Machu Picchu, the well-known center of the ancient Inca civilization. One more popular destination is the Colca Canyon that is considerably deeper than the US Grand Canyon. Huacachina, the only desert oasis in the entire region, and Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in the world, belong to other popular places of interest to be considered for your trip to Peru.

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If you are going to visit South America, Brazil has so much in store for you: rich historic and cultural heritage, biodiversity, extreme sports, various museums, great traditions, and delicious food! These are only some of the reasons why Brazil belong to the best countries to visit in South America. Also, this vibrant country is famous for its coffee traditions, a seemingly endless coastline with amazing beaches, and Rio’s Barra da Tijuca, the large territory covered with forest. The iconic samba and capoeira, carnival, and spectacular football make this country easily recognizable for tourists. This vivid and passionate country can be a perfect choice not only for a family trip but also for a solo journey.

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For many years the major reason for tourists to visit Ecuador have been the Galápagos Islands with their picturesque coastline, delicious food, and historical attractions. This tendency has changed due to the rapid development of the tourism infrastructure. Being partially located in the Northern Hemisphere, Ecuador has predominantly tropic climate. Thus, the travelers can enjoy the crystal clear water and white-sand beaches all the year round. It is highly recommended to arrange your trip to Cotopaxi, where travelers can learn more about Ecuadorian village life. The Papallacta highlands and waterfalls should not be avoided while you are staying in this amazing country.

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Mexico surprises travelers with the variety of tourist attractions, from great landscapes to lavish malls and department stores. Mexico is considered the second most visited country in the American region. The Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the Mesoamerican ruins will be attractive for those who like heritage tourism. Durango and the Gulf of California are the best places for ecotourism in the country. The Shopping District, numerous beaches, and versatile nightlife are well-organized for those travelers, who came here to enjoy their vacation.

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