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Travel guide Namibia

Sandy Namibia attracts those who want to immerse themselves in African exoticism. Only here you can see amazing pink sand dunes and get acquainted with animals adapted to life in these harsh conditions. People visit this place for the sake of fascinating safaris, tours to the desert and hunting for antelope. Namibia offers many options for extreme leisure: a hot air balloon trip, rafting and snowboarding on sand dunes.

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The country has hotels of different levels. The main type of accommodation in national parks, as well as in other African countries, is lodges.

Is Namibia safe to travel?

Namibia is considered the safest country in South Africa. The criminal situation in the country is very calm and you can walk fearlessly at any time of the day. However, there are some signs of racial segregation: many establishments are still divided into “white”, “colored” and “black”. Be sure, the attitude towards foreigners is very good.

Before travel to Namibia it is recommended vaccination against fever. Most of the country is not in the malaria risk zone, however, malaria cases have been found north of Etosha National Park to the Angola border. That’s why it is also recommended to use medicines for the prevention of malaria. But, of course, firstly you should consult a doctor.

Tourist attractions Namibia

Swakopmund. It is a resort town on the Atlantic coast, where the Namibian administration likes to come to rest. The influence of the German colonialists is clearly visible in the architecture, so the town looks like a cozy European province. There are also therapeutic mineral springs, which make Swakopmund a balneological resort.

Swakopmund in Namibia

Kolmanskop Ghost Town. This is one of the most popular cultural attractions in Namibia. It was a prosperous city of diamond miners in the Namib Desert. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a lively settlement with beautiful houses in European style, a school, a hospital and a swimming pool. But the discovery of other more affluent cities forced the inhabitants to leave their native city. Now the territory is turned into a museum.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town in Namibia

Namib Desert. It is the most ancient desert on the planet, which has existed in the time of the dinosaurs. This area is also called the “desert of fogs” because of the water vapor. Here grow plants that can live 1000 years and do without moisture for decades. Here you can also meet the amazing tribe of Himba, living according to primitive laws.

The plateau of Sossusvlei. It is located in the Namib Desert. This area is so popular among tourists thanks to picturesque sand dunes. The best time for inspection is a sunset or sunrise, when the landscape is painted in scarlet and crimson colors.

The plateau of Sossusvlei in Namibia

Rock paintings in the valley of Twyfelfontein. These images appeared in the Neolithic times. Here lived tribes, which left behind a large number of paintings. The oldest painting has more than 5 thousand years, the newest – about 500 years. The pictures mostly depict different African animals.

Etosha National Park. It is a large nature reserve in the Kalahari Desert. There are a number of species of birds, animals and reptiles. Many of them are rare and endangered. Here you can see lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses and antelopes. At the beginning of the 20th century the reserve was the largest in the world, but lost 75% of the territory due to political conflicts.

Skeleton Coast. It is a territory of the coast from the river Ugab to the river Kunene with a length about 500 kilometers. Here are the remains of dozens of wrecked ships. Almost all crew members died because of the inability to reach settlements.

Skeleton Coast in Namibia

Waterberg national park. It is located on a rocky plateau with a length of 300 km. Due to the subtropical climate it is covered with lush green vegetation.

Cape Cross. It is a reserve, where a large number of seals live. There are built special wooden walkways and sightseeing areas for tourists.

Cape Cross in Namibia

Most tourist attractions in Namibia picture all the beauty of the nature, since Namibia’s main attraction is its natural heritage. Don’t miss a chance to visit Namibia and enjoy the unique atmosphere of these distant lands.

The best time to travel to Namibia

A tropical desert type of climate is dominated on a large part of the Namibian territory. In the north-east of the country, the subtropical climate type prevails. Namibia is located in the southern hemisphere, so winter here in April-August, and summer – in September-March.

The best time to visit the country is traditionally considered a dry winter season from May to October. However, it can be quite cold, especially at night in desert areas at this time of the year. In the interior regions of Namibia, the favorable period starts earlier. For example, the best time to visit Etosha is April-September, when it is slightly warmer.

an elephant on Namibia territory

The periods for a comfortable visit to the Caprivi Game Park (or Bwabwata, Mamili National Park, Mudumu National Park and other adjoining areas) is markedly different, since this territory lies in the northeast of the country. Therefore, the best choice for a trip here will be the period from June to October, when all the animals are gathered around the reservoirs.

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