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Slovakia is a small country in the center of Europe. There is no access to the sea, therefore we will not speak about sea rest in this country. Despite this, thanks to a diverse mountain landscape, a large number of healing springs, very beautiful nature and amazingly clean air, Slovakia is an attractive place for recreation all year round.

The presence of castles, interesting architectural structures and historical areas on its territory adds interest to this country. After all, here is everything you want: excellent beer, ski resorts in the Tatras, rivers on the shores of which live beavers and otters and bloom rare plants, parks and forests. You can enjoy cities that have preserved their original appearance and are marked by UNESCO, as well as fortresses and castles, where you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. It should be noted that 7 objects on the territory of Slovakia are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The traditional hospitality of the inhabitants of the country makes it even more attractive for tourists.

attractions of Bratislava

Tourists visit Slovakia to rest from hustle and bustle. There is something special in every town: numerous fortresses and castles (including castles with ghosts), old gold mines and wineries. There is an open-air museum in almost every city, where ancient houses, utensils, tools of artisans and many other things are collected.

There are nine national parks and 16 protected natural areas in the country. You can find ski resorts within the territory of many parks. Here you can freely combine both winter sports and summer active rest.

national park od Slovakia

Due to the fact that Slovakia is small in size, it is very convenient to explore its territory by car. When renting car, do not forget to arrange insurance and inquire about the rules of the road.

Despite the fact that the Slovak language is the official language in Slovakia, English is taught as an additional language by almost all local residents.

While traveling to Slovakia, remember that this country welcomes tourists throughout the year. Spring is suitable for trips to the mountains, a tour to the caves or bike rides, summer is an excellent time of the year to swim in one of the thermal pools or in the local ponds and lakes. In winter, the ski season begins in the country. Autumn can be devoted to the study of sights in Bratislava. So, choose a suitable season and make your travel to Slovakia really unforgettable.

Bratislava in winter

Slovakia tourist attractions

Bojnice Castle. Bojnice Castle is located on a hill and is surrounded by the city of the same name. This citadel is one of the oldest and most valuable in Slovakia. It exists for more than 10 centuries. The first mention of the Bojnice castle is found in historical documents in 1113.

Bojnice Castle in Slovakia

Bratislava Castle. This is the visiting card of the country. The image of this medieval building is on local souvenirs. The castle is located on the cliff of the small Carpathians, so it can be seen from almost every corner of Bratislava.

Bratislava Castle in Slovakia

The main square of Bratislava. It is one of the most popular attractions in Bratislava Slovakia. It is a combination of such architectural styles as Baroque, Classicism and Gothic. The main celebrations of the country, as well as all kinds of fairs and festivals are held on this square, attracting tourists from different countries.

The main square of Bratislava

Slovak Paradise National Park. It is a popular national reserve. Its name speaks about the amazing beauty and richness of this region. There are virgin forests and majestic mountains, steep precipices and wild mountain rivers, beautiful waterfalls and unique caves, well-equipped hiking trails, as well as a lake where you can swim and fish.

Spiš Castle and Levoca. There are ancient cities, located in the old Slovakia region – Spiš. Levoca was founded in 1249. The city is famous for its temple buildings: Basilica of St. James with the largest altar in the world; Minorite Monasteries; the church on the Marion Hill, which is a place of pilgrimage. The Spiš Castlle is the ruins of the largest Romanesque fortress in central Europe, founded in the 11th century. Both cities are UNESCO monuments.

Spiš Castle and Levoca in Slovakia

Thermal Park Besenova. The natural thermal pools of Besenova are located in the picturesque part of the Low and Western Tatras, 12 km from the town of Ružomberok. The pools were formed due to hot healing springs, rising from a depth of almost 2000 m. Throughout the year, the water in the pools has a temperature of 36-40 degrees Celsius. It is especially pleasant to visit the thermal baths in winter, after a ski trip.

St. Martin’s Cathedral. It is the largest church in Slovakia. As part of the city fortifications, it was built in the far eighth century, and was consecrated only in the middle of the XV century.

Devin Castle. Devin Castle is located at a distance of eight kilometers from Bratislava. The half-ruined walls and towers of the powerful, medieval castle of Devin are located on a two-meter rock, above the place where the rivers – the Danube and Morava merge.

Devin Castle in Slovakia

Tatra National Park. It is rather popular place among all attractions in Slovakia. On the territory of the country it is considered one of the largest parks of natural origin. Its value is numerous karst caves. Tourists’ attention is also attracted by low mountain ranges with the length of 95 km.

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