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How to do your Singapore adventure amazing

Singapore is a small city-country located slightly south of Thailand. In Singapore, modern architecture is harmoniously combined with exotic parks and ancient traditions of Asian peoples. It can be called a metropolis, in which there is almost everything. People come here to take a walk through the ancient and modern streets of Singapore’s quarters, see colorful shows and plunge into the world of adventure. Find out about everything in this Singapore travel guide.

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Singapore travel guide

The first thing you need to decide when it’s better to go to Singapore. The climate in the islands of Southeast Asia is specific: constant rains with a stable high temperature. Therefore, the weather in Singapore for months almost does not change.

The island is at the equator, so the climate in Singapore is smooth and very wet. The average air temperature is 26 degrees Celsius all year round. So the weather forecast for any day will be almost the same. One of the hottest months is June. Spring is the best time to travel to Singapore.

buildings of Singapore at night

How to move across cities

Singapore is an island state with a high level of development. With an area of 715.8 km2 and almost 5 million inhabitants, it occupies the second place in the world in terms of population density.

Moving such a large number of people in a small area can be problematic. However, the transport interchange and transport of Singapore of the highest quality and moving around the country does not cause difficulties. Metro, buses, pedicabs and even a monorail — all at your service.

Useful tips for tourists

Travel advices to Singapore travelers:

• Always take an umbrella. The weather in Singapore is almost unchanged from the time of year, but it is often possible for showers.

• Singapore is known not only for excellent rest, but also for expensive hotels. Look for a room cheaper can be away from the city center, for example, in the Chinatown.

• All you need to buy on Orchard Road, there are many boutiques and shops on this street.

• The police in Singapore are friendly, and they can always be contacted for help.

• For local calls and the Internet, it is best to purchase a local SIM card.

roads of Singapore at night

Gastronomic adventure

Singaporean cuisine is one of the most amazing phenomena on Earth. In fact, there is no national cuisine in Singapore, but thousands of tourists come here on a gastronomic trip. The uniqueness of the local cuisine lies in its diversity, formed from a combination of Malay, Indian, Chinese and European dishes.

We advise you to try the Hen with rice in Hainan, Soup Buck Kut Teh, Noodles with Chinese dumplings and all kinds of snacks that came to Singapore from different countries.

Alcohol in Singapore is expensive, and even a cheap beer can cost as a few cups of coffee or half a breakfast. Singaporeans themselves hardly drink strong drinks, but they love the local light Tiger Beer.

Singapore attractions

Hotel Marina Bay Sands. Architecture of Singapore – is primarily a number of skyscrapers. The most famous among them is the building of the hotel “Marina Bay Sands”. It is one of the most famous and recognizable hotels in the world. He gained special popularity thanks to an extravagant design: on three skyscrapers there was a similarity of the ship, which is a recreation area “SkyPark”.

The hotel is located on the Marina Bay harbor. To get to the survey site “SkyPark” it is not necessary to book a room in the hotel, it’s enough just to get an entrance ticket.

Hotel Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

National Orchid Garden. National park of orchids – pride of Singapore. In this thematic garden is collected about 6 000 plants, representing more than 400 kinds of a noble flower. Orchid for Singaporeans has a special meaning: it is a symbol of the state, an object of care and admiration.

The park’s exposition is divided into color zones: “spring”, in which orchids of yellow and gold shades are collected, “summer” with red, burgundy, crimson flowers, “autumn” with orange and “winter” with white and gray-blue.

Merlion Park. The city park in Singapore is located in Marina Bay, in the area of the main Singapore tourist attractions — Marina Wei Sands. The nearest metro station is Raffles Place.

Merlion Park in Singapore

The heart and main attraction of the park is the Merlion statue, 8.6 meters high and weighing 70 tons, installed in 1972. Merlion is the emblem of the city-state, its talisman, a fantastic creature with the head of a lion and the trunk of a fish, raised by a wave.

Singapore Botanic Gardens. The Botanical Garden in Singapore is a place for connoisseurs of natural beauty and silence. In the vast territory of the park are: rainforest, Orchid Garden, Palm Valley, Ginger Garden and Fern Orangery, Evolution Garden with rare ancient plant species, lakes, picnic meadows, garden for children up to 12 years with interactive tutorial.

On weekends on the open grounds of the park there are musical concerts. There are restaurants, cafes and a souvenir shop.

The Helix Bridge. Singapore. Helix is a unique spiral bridge in the center of the city. The bridge was completed in 2010. The Helix Bridge is not just an abstract fantasy of the architect, its shape resembles a DNA molecule, and the bridge itself symbolizes life and growth. On the bridge there are 5 observation platforms with canopies, here there are also seats. The latter are popular not only for pedestrians looking for a place to rest, but also for the spectators of the evening laser shows in Marina Bay — from the bridge there is a beautiful view of the bay and the floating stage.

The Helix Bridge in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay. Gardens in the bay – one of the wonders of modern architecture and design. First, the futuristic glass “Flower Dome” is a huge greenhouse, in which about 220 thousand plants from all over the world are collected and an interactive program on the importance and use of plants in different cultures.

Secondly, “Cloud Forest” — a pavilion with high mountains, on the slopes of which grow high-altitude plants and flowers.

Thirdly, colossal artificial trees in height from 25 to 50 meters. The trunks of the super-trees are covered with greenery, but behind the living flowering shell are hidden special technical installations – power stations that work on solar energy, and tanks for collecting rainwater.

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

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