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Scotland should be visited separately from England. It is a country of surprisingly rich history, fascinating nature and thousand-year traditions. Magnificent castles, rocky beaches and the proud spirit of William Wallace (“Brave Heart”) will impress anyone.

old castle of Scotland in sunshine

Scotland is the European capital of adventure tourism, as well as the main tourist destination for observing wildlife in Europe.

The beaches of Scotland are one of the best beaches in the world. The length of the coastline is 16,491 km. The beaches of the western coast with white sand and crystal clear water are often photographed as the beaches of the Caribbean Sea for tourist booklets.

There are a lot of things to do in Scotland. For instance:

– Try true Scotch whiskey, as it’s a favorite drink of Scots. Whiskey is an expression of the national idea of Scotland.
– Play golf. It is the main sport activity here. Nowadays there are about 550 famous golf courses.
– Eat haggis. This dish consists of sheep’s offal and is served with rutabaga and potatoes. A person, who has not tried the main national Scottish dish, has no right to say that he/she has been in Scotland.

When speak about climate, we may say that here reigns a mild and humid climate. Summer provides tourists with a temperature around +25 ° C. In winter the temperature seldom drops below zero. Snow on the slopes is from November to April-May.

old houses of scotland at night

The best time to travel to Scotland is from May to September, but in the summer in Edinburgh it will not be possible to avoid the rain. In winter the city is also very beautiful, however it gets dark early. In August, during the festival, there are a lot of people in the city. Those, who wish to visit Edinburgh at this time, need to worry about booking a hotel in advance. Keep in mind that the off-season is the cheapest time to travel to Scotland.

edinburgh city in sunshine

Popular things to see in Scotland

Edinburgh castle. The main landmark of Scotland is the Edinburgh Castle, which is considered to be the visiting card of the country and a real tourist Mecca. An impregnable fortress, built on the top of an extinct volcano, simply captivates with its beauty and monumentality.

Edinburgh castle view

Broch of Mousa. The fortress is located in the archipelago of the Shetland Islands. It is the tallest building of round form that refers to the Iron Age. It is greatly preserved and is considered a popular place among tourists.

Isle of Skye. This island is an amazing area of Scotland. Here you can observe several other sights of Scotland: ancient castles and a small fishing port. Many travelers do not expect something special while going to the island. But, upon arrival, they are astonished by the splendor of local beauty.

Isle of Skye in Scotland

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh. This landmark of Scotland is a few streets passing in the heart of the city. Their total length is about one Scottish mile, and the streets connect the famous Edinburgh Castle with and Holyrood Palace.

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Loch Lomond Lake. The lake is surrounded by hundreds of steep hills and castles of the Middle Ages. The length of the lake is 24 miles. Here are a great number of islands and islets and you can be engaged in water sports and golf.

Loch Lomond Lake in a fog

The Palace of Holyroodhouse. It is a residence of Elizabeth II. The building is decorated in the Baroque style and is located on the famous Royal Mile. State receptions are held here, in which the Queen and her family take part. On the territory of the palace there are interesting exhibitions, offering an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the autonomous state.

grass around The Palace of Holyroodhouse

Luskentyre Beach. It is huge and the most breathtaking beach on the island of Harris. Snow-white sand and spectacular green water make this beach the best one in Great Britain.

Luskentyre Beach in Scotland

Eilean-Donan Castle. The exact date of its construction is unknown. Most likely, it was built in the XII century to protect the coast from the raids of the Vikings. The castle is surrounded by majestic landscapes. Therefore, Eilean Donan is one of the most important and visited attractions in Scotland.

Eilean-Donan Castle in Scotland

Loch Ness Lake. Loch Ness is a large picturesque lake in the heart of Scotland. According to legend and countless testimonies, here lives a mysterious monster – Nessie. Tourists try to see it in the muddy water of the lake. It will be interesting to get acquainted not only with lake, but also with the surrounding nature. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna in the Great Glen valley, where Loch Ness is located.

castle at the Loch Ness Lake

National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. You can feel rich Scottish history at the National Museum of Scotland. There are a lot of artifacts, many of which are several hundred years old. The museum has sections devoted to art and design, science and nature, as well as sections about the diversity of world cultures.

Cairngorms National Park. This is one of the best attractions of natural origin. If you are interested in excursions in Scotland, then this park of national importance is perfect place. This is a popular place for hiking. There are entertainment for fans of mountaineering, winter sports, as well as hunting and fishing.

Cairngorms National Park in Scotland

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