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Famous Russian Dishes. Rich cuisine

Russian cuisine is incredibly tasty and satisfying. It consists of the variety of dishes and unique gastronomic combinations. Russian cuisine has been an integral part of culture and a marker of the historical authenticity of the Russian people for many centuries. So, let’s remember the famous Russian dishes.

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Russian Meat Stew (Zharkoe). Any fatty pieces of meat perfectly complement the potatoes cut into large pieces. By the way, Russian zharkoe is the only dish, which has a noble title. The English King Charles II was so impressed by the taste of the Russian meat stew that awarded it a high title right behind the table.

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Porridge. To make porridge Russian people use wheat, millet, pea, buckwheat and other types of cereals. There is a special recipe of porridge for Christmas: wheat or rice with the addition of honey, poppy and raisins.

Russian cabbage soup (Shchi). Residents of Russian villages prepare it in different ways depending on their income. Some cook it only with onion and cabbage, while others add lard or meat. In other recipes, there are rye flour, turnips, mushrooms and fish among other ingredients. A characteristic sour taste is obtained due to sauerkraut, pickle or sorrel.

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Siberian dumplings (Pelmeni). In the traditional recipe there are three types of meat that are used for stuffing: elk, pork and beef. Today, Siberian pelmeni have more prosaic stuffing – minced meat of pork and beef. But they are still very juicy and tasty. By the way, it is necessary to use ice water for making dough, as it gives a unique taste.



Pancakes (Bliny).  It is prepared on the basis of yeast dough and fresh dough. You should bake it on a frying pan or in the traditional Russian furnace. Pancakes are very tasty with butter and dozens of various fillings: mushrooms, meat, cabbage, potatoes, liver, cottage cheese and caviar.

Okroshka. There are a lot of recipes for its preparation, but in most cases boiled meat (e.g. boiled sausage), radish, fresh cucumber, potatoes, chicken eggs, green onions, dill or parsley are present in the composition. Also, it is necessary to use low-fat kefir, whey, vegetable broth and even mineral water, diluted with sour cream for dressing.


Mushroom Julienne. Mushrooms in cream sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese and baked to a golden crust – that’s a mushroom julienne. Do not let this French name deceive you: the dish is 100% Russian.

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