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Winners and Outsiders revealed: 2018’s best and worst cities to live in

Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey has recently posted its recent results! This year, the total number of 231 biggest world capitals and metropolises took part in the special survey, where cities were examined in a range of categories. The healthcare system, educational opportunities, crime levels, public transport, housing, recreation and personal freedom were the most important factors to choose this year’s leaders and outsiders. Winners and outsiders are just being revealed: 2018’s  best and worst cities to live in! The list is just right here!

The best cities to live in 2018:

  1. Vienna.The capital of Austria remains to be the leader of the most livable cities for years. Being one of the musically and culturally richest places in the world, Vienna offers an inexhaustible variety of activities for travelers. The safety and transport system also got the top possible scores.Vienna
  2. Zurich, one of the most stylish Swiss cities gets the second place. Numerous restaurants, parks, museums and clubs attract millions of visitors each year. Best solution for recreation purposes!Zurich
  3. Auckland, New Zealand, receives highest scores in healthcare, education and housing. Everything that one needs for a comfortable and safe life can be easily found in this terrific city.Auckland
  4. Munich, Germany’s most popular destination, takes the fourth place in the list of best places to live. Crime and dirt seems to be absolutely absent in this awesome place. The quality of life is just above all praises!Munich
  5. Vancouver, Canada, is an outstanding place with plenty of opportunities for education, work and recreation. Its incredible charm makes the city one of the best places to live worldwide.VancouverAs for the worst places to live in 2018, among the least livable places on Earth are Baghdad, Bangui, Sana’a, Port au Prince and Khartoum. The lowest points, received by the following cities are causes by hostilities, insecurity, violence, low quality of life, poverty, as well as lack of possibilities to receive an education, poor public transport and recreation system. The personal freedom is also among the weakest aspects there.

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