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Puerto Rico culture facts ‎

Puerto Rico culture facts

Puerto Rico has a great cultural heritage. Moreover, it is an example of the prosperity and harmonious coexistence of different ethnic groups within a single state. Although, Puerto Rico culture is mainly Caribbean, it also contains elements of Taino, African and Spanish cultures. Italy, France, and Germany also have made a significant impact on the culture of Puerto Rico.

The island has a very beautiful national symbolism – it is a small bird Spindalis portoricensis, thespesia flower and silk cotton tree. The culture of Puerto Rico reflects natural beauty even in its symbolism.

a small bird Spindalis portoricensis

The fate of Puerto Rican culture is inseparably linked with the struggle for the independence of the country. Only the liberation of the island from colonialism ensure the preservation and flourishing of the national culture. Therefore, patriotism here is strongly developed.

If you walk around the city, it will be difficult to find differences from the American way of life. But, if you visit provincial areas, you can get acquainted with the Creole culture. Traditional Puerto Rican culture is manifested in dances, music, religious processions, painting, literature, theater, etc.

Dances of Puerto Rico

The Religion of Puerto Rico. Each state has its own spiritual belief. The island is famous for its mixed culture, but the dominant religion of Puerto Rico is Catholicism. However, its canons are greatly diluted with spiritualism and Indian folklore traditions.

The art of Puerto Rico. The present art heritage dates back to the XVIII century. The most famous artists are Jose Campeche and Francisco Oller, who writes in the genre of impressionism.

Cuisine of Puerto Rico. The cuisine of Puerto Rico is filled with American cuisine, in particular, with fast food. However, there are restaurants, which offer national cuisine, including stew, soups and meat pies.

fast food of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico culture dress ‎

There are no strict rules for clothes, but people in the “beach form” are simply not allowed to visit most restaurants, casinos and official events. Evening clothing is quite informal, but conservative and based on local traditions. It is not necessary to stick to local clothing standards for foreigners. It is enough to have long trousers or dresses, as well as shirts or blouses in the classical style.

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