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Terrible incident in Mexico: how to protect yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning while traveling

The family of four was killed by gas asphyxiation while taking a rest in Tulum. As a result many tourists worry about their safety. They want to know some tips how to protect themselves from gas poisoning.

The bodies of the family were found in the rented accommodation in the Caribbean. According to authorities, the reason of the death is toxic gas poisoning. The source of that gas is still unknown. However, there is no doubt that it has been carbon monoxide. Authorities also add that it has been unintentional.

Terrible incident in Mexico

Important safety tips

Carbon monoxide is completely odorless. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur very imperceptibly, and it is created wherever there is a burning process, even in the oven. When concentration of CO is 0.08% in inhaled air, a person feels a headache and suffocation. When the concentration of CO is increased to 0.32%, appear paralysis and loss of consciousness (death occurs in 30 minutes). When concentration is above 1.2%, you faint after 2-3 breaths.

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According to travel experts, there is only one way to protect yourself against such an outcome during vacation.  All you need is to have portable carbon monoxide detector. This gadget should become a part of your must-have travel gadgets. During a vacation we are distracted, that is why the risk can be higher. What is more, you need to attentively examine vacation rentals. It will be great, if you have an opportunity to speak with rental manager personally and ask him about heating system and air conditioning as well as about other utilities. If there is a guest book, you can read previous reviews.

Carbon monoxide alarm

You can purchase this portable carbon monoxide detector on Amazon. Its price is $20. And it can really save your life. We advise you to get this gadget and feel safe during your next vacation.

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