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Planning a trip to Portugal

Portugal is the country with the oldest borders in Europe, which, in spite of everything, has acquired a unique history and culture. If you are planning a guest in Portugal, then you should learn more about this beautiful country, prepare and decide what sights you want to see. In this article, you will find everything you need to know for a Portugal travel.

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All you need to know about the trip to Portugal

To make the trip go “perfectly”, and after it gigabytes of beautiful photos were left, it is necessary to think ahead and solve a number of issues related to visa issuance, insurance, purchase of air tickets, housing, food, transportation, infrastructure, internet and so on. We will give you a couple Portugal travel tips on how to prepare.

First, check all the necessary documents: a passport, with a valid Schengen visa, air tickets and medical insurance for the duration of the trip. Portugal is part of the European Community, so the monetary unit is the euro. Also, so that the airport does not disassemble suitcases and do not part with your things, read the rules of baggage transportation.

In all of Portugal, there is a mild subtropical Mediterranean climate, largely determined by the Gulf Stream. In the north, summer is dry and sunny, but not hot (the average temperature is about + 20 ° C, in the mountains – about + 18 ° C), the winter is damp and cool (+ 4 ° C – + 10 ° C). In the south of the country, it is warmer and drier: the average temperature of January is + 5 ° C – + 10 ° C, in July – + 20 ° C – + 27 ° C. Therefore, best time to travel to Portugal is summer.

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Where to stay

If you compare Portugal with other European countries, it is quite inexpensive and will be perfect for those who decided to travel to Portugal cheap.

Hotels in Portugal cost € 60-90. Usually in this price range there are hotels of 2-3 stars. It is worth noting that the 2 stars in Portugal does not mean that the hotel will be bad. These are not large, but clean rooms.

Pouzada: hotels in castles, palaces and monasteries. Did you ever dream of living in the royal chambers or in a building where medieval passions were seething? Pouzada is a Portuguese phenomenon in the world of hotels, comfortable colorful hotels located in historic buildings. The price for the rooms is from € 100.


Camping. This is an excellent and rather budget way to travel around Portugal by car or bike. Often camping sites are located in picturesque areas: mountain parks, reserves, near the ocean. The average cost is not more than € 20 for two.

There are a lot of hostels in Portugal. Owners try to excel, and often in hostels is not only cozy, but also very stylish. Hostels are ideal for young people, students and those traveling without a company. In the hostel you will definitely not be bored. The cost is from €10 to 40.

Cuisine of Portugal

Portuguese perfectly prepare meat: stewed, grilled, in wine, in milk, until golden brown or lightly fried. The variety of options and recipes is amazing. Cheeses are a separate topic for conversation. Some of the cheeses produced in Portugal are still made according to old recipes. Portugueses adore all kinds of products from the dough, and recipes for them for many centuries have accumulated a lot.

We recommend you to visit the restaurant La Paparrucha in Lisbon, one of the first restaurants of Argentinian cuisine in the city. And it is quite natural that he specializes in Argentine meat. Here you can taste a variety of steaks and sausages. Everything, to which lies the soul of the true meat-eater. Average check: 80 € for two.

Sem Wergonne. “Without shame” – so literally translated the name of this restaurant, which lurk in a quiet courtyard between houses. The highlight of this place is a hidden terrace, with a beautiful view of Lisbon, which in the evening turns into a lounge bar with a separate cocktail card.

traditional dish of portugal cuisine

What to see in Portugal

Rossiou Square, the central square of Lisbon, has seen many things over the millennia of its existence. At this point the Romans staged a racetrack, and when the city grew, it gained even greater importance, which has survived until now. This area, located in the central Baixa district, is one of the mandatory places to visit in Lisbon. It is surrounded by Marquis Pombal era buildings, where you will find shops, numerous cafes and restaurants.

Rossiou Square in Portugal

Edward VII Park is located north of Avenida da Liberdade, just behind the Marquesa de Pombal Square. It is one of the largest city parks in Lisbon. On the territory of the park there is a restaurant with a terrace and a view of a small pond with sculptures. On the west side – Estuf fria (cold greenhouse) and the glass Ashtooth Kent (with tropical plants). Trees and plants from five continents are gathered in the greenhouse. A real green museum full of harmony and tranquility.

Beaches of the Algarve. The south of Portugal is the most visited by the tourists part. Between the cities of Lagos and Albufeira, there are also concentrated best views of Portugal – yellow rocks, giant pyramids arranged in the ocean. The ecosystem in Faro, the capital of the region, is unique, where lagoons and islands stretch for 60 kilometers.

The coast along the calm, authentic city of Tavira is a continuous band of sand, and in search of the wildest places you need to go to the vicinity of Sagres – is a real paradise for surfers and adventurers.

Beaches of the Algarve

Castles and fortresses of Portugal – the most exciting attractions of this unique country, which are worth a visit.
The historical strength of the state is clearly demonstrated by majestic forts, mysterious castles, which are quite numerous in the expanses of Portugal. Many of the castles were built by the Moors, when they undividedly dominated the peninsula. To date, hundreds of military fortifications have been left on the territory of the country, which were erected at various times.

Look at these monumental historical buildings, take a steep staircase leading to the tower. Imagine yourself a knight before the last storm of the fortress wall or a princess waiting for her prince from the crusade.

monumental historical buildings of Portugal

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