Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest

Do you like mysteries? Do you want to visit a place that will give you more questions than explanations? If the answer is “yes”, this article is for you.

In western Poland there is a small and charming town, Gryfino. It could be an ordinary European city. But there exists a truly strange place outside the town, a unique pine forest. What makes it so unusual? Nothing special. Just trees. 400 pine trees with the same northward 90-degree bend at the base of their trunks. Just a forest stuffed with nearly 50 feet high letters “J”. And nobody knows for certain what caused this abnormality.

History of the forest

The story tells that the Crooked Forest has been planted in the early 1930’s, when the province of Pomerania belonged to Germany. When the trees were about 7 – 10 years old something unknown has forced them to bend over. As Gryfino was totally devastated during World War II, the truth about the forest was lost with it.

So what could have caused this deformation? Man-made reasons? Nature forces? War? Paranormal activity?

Theories of origin

Let’s begin with the most plausible hypothesis. Some experts suggest that local farmers who planted the trees have cut off the top and isolated the first branch at ground level to encourage lateral growth for a period of time. But their motive remained unknown, as they were unable to finish their work because of the invasion of Poland during World War II. Perhaps, the trunks of the trees have been deformed to create furniture, boats or even some musical instruments.

Another popular idea appeals to genetic mutation as the cause of curvature. The only question is why the curves have not continued beyond the base, as they usually do in other species.

Many people suppose that the extraordinary shape of the trees is due to severe winds and snowstorms, that have knocked the trunks like this.

There is also an opinion that the gravity fluctuations are to blame. The question is why it occurred only in the restricted area of 1.7 ha?

From the mystical point of view the special vibe of the place influenced the shape of the trees. As proof of this thesis, the forest is extremely silent, one can not hear a sound, including the twittering of birds; and the ground is naked without grass. Believe or not, but when you enter this place, you can feel the haunting presence.

There are obviously many more odd theories about the existence of this forest. Some believe that the deformation is due to sudden change of temperature and humidity. Others that the reason is the Nazis evil intentions or even “criminal conspiracy” of insects. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we may never know the real answer. But, perhaps, this mystery brings even more charm to this beautiful place.

So, if you are fond of secrets and enigmas, if you adore the feeling of goosebumps crawling down your spine, this forest is a must-see. Live, Love and Travel!


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