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What a traveler should know about Philippines

Philippines is a unique island country in its beauty and culture. And yet, despite the fact that the Philippines has long been considered a true paradise for tourists, the islands are famous for the fact that there remained a unique, pristine natural beauty, that you can enjoy an unlimited amount of time. The country boasts that it consists of more than 7,000 islands, each of which has its own character. In this article you will find Philippines travel guide and find out everything you need to know about going there.

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Best tourist places, food and fact about

Republic of the Philippines — the incredible beauty island in Asia. Here everyone can find something that will suit him. You can soak up the steep sandy beaches, stroll through the beautiful parks and gardens. Lovers of shopping expect many shopping centers. Amazing flora and fauna, hot climate and luxurious beaches attract many young people, ecotourists, couples and divers. The best tourist destinations are the capital region of Manila, the island of Cebu and the island of Boracay.

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Philippines climate

In general, the climate can be characterized as hot and humid. Based on weather conditions, the best time to travel to Philippines is from January to May. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the features of a particular island Say, on one of the most popular tourist island — Boracay, from February begins the flowering of the sea. Most of the algae appears closer to May. The weather on the western and eastern coast of the same island may differ.

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Features of housing

In any major tourist city in the Philippines you can find many types of temporary accommodation, among which hotels and mini-hotels (guest houses, “B & B”), apartments and, slightly less, hostels are very popular. Also, you can book your room in a motel, farmhouse or camping. The largest number of different places of temporary residence is in Manila and in general the metropolitan region of the country, in which eleven largest cities of the Philippines are located at a short distance from each other. In addition, you will be pleased with local prices — the minimum cost of housing, which you can find, is $4. Here you can find two types of hotel: regular and resort. Prices in resort hotels start from $8. The price for a room in hotels three or four stars — from 16 USD, and the level of five stars — from $57.

Features of housing in Philippines

Safety in the Philippines

Going on any trip is worth thinking about safety. Despite the fact that before every store, restaurant or bank there is a guard, often armed, in general in the Philippines, security, with the exception of the capital of Manila, is quite acceptable. The strangers are still viewed as a separate attraction and, in addition to smiles and the constant “hello”, tourists usually do not face threats from the local residents.

Is it safe to travel to the Philippines? Yes, but it is worth remembering a couple of moments, and your rest will pass without unexpected situations:

1. Insects. Put with a suitcase repellent cream is still needed – in some parts of the island may be insects.
2. Drinking water, food. Drinks should be consumed only from bottles (well corked). Those who do not want to get an intestinal infection should forget about salads in public places and fruits, vegetables in unwashed form.
3. The sun. For a long walk, you need to apply a protective cream.
4. Vaccinations. Recommended vaccinations (before going to the Philippines) – against hepatitis A and B.
5. Behavior rules. When visiting religious monuments. You should think about your appearance in advance – short shorts and tops here will be inappropriate.
6. Personal things, money and documents. All personal belongings and jewelry should not be worn constantly — for the convenience of tourists in every hotel there is a safe deposit box. With important documents, you can do so: the original — under lock, a copy — with you.

Places to visit

There are many options for things to do and see in the Philippines. Among the architectural sights among tourists the most popular are the Baroque churches, which are protected by the international organization UNESCO. This list includes San Agustin Church, Paoay Church, Miagao Church and the Church of Santa Maria. Also, tourists are advised to visit the historic city of Wigan.

Rich history of the Philippines offers tourists a large number of national and specialized museums, and Filipino art – a variety of galleries. Among the most popular museums are the National Museum, Museum of the Filipino People, Yexel’s Toy Museum, The Vargas Museum. Exquisite galleries in the Philippines are called National Art Gallery, Art in Island, Ateneo Art Gallery, Silahis Arts & Artifacts, Gallery of Modern Art “Sining Kamalig”.

Also, the Philippine Islands are famous for their beautiful beaches and beautiful bays. The most popular beaches are: White Beach, Yapak Beach, Diniwid Beach, El Nido. On the beaches you can not only luxuriate in the sun, but also dive, as the Philippines is on the list of the best destinations for divers. In addition, you can go surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing. Play golf, book a boat or bicycle tour.

Baroque churches

Traditional food

Talking about the holistic Philippine cuisine is difficult, because in every region of the country you can find specific features in the process of cooking, however, certain characteristic features of the cuisine of the Philippines can be identified. First of all, this is a typical Asian cuisine, with the domination of rice, spices, tropical fruits and seafood. Secondly, for the Philippine cuisine is characteristic of the tradition of “kamaayan”, the ingestion of food with bare hands from a banana leaf, and not with cutlery, as in many other cultures. In many ways, the modern Philippine cuisine is influenced by European, Indian and Chinese cultures.

Of the traditional dishes that use meat, you can call Chicken Tinola — chicken soup and boiled papaya, lechon — suckling pig roasted on a spit, pankitmolo — casserole on meat broth, with the addition of pork, chicken and mushrooms, rijsttafel — fried chicken sauce curry, which is served with cooked vegetables.

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