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Beaches of the Philippines, which one to choose

A simple fact: most people go to the Philippines for their beautiful collection of beaches. For many, life is a dream, the sea and the beach! There are more than 7000 islands in the country, most of which boast idyllic sandy beaches. With such a wealth of beach pleasures on offer, it can be quite difficult to choose a place. But we collected 10 best beaches in the Philippines.

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Beaches that you definitely need to visit

White Beach, Boracay. White Beach is the visiting card of aesthetically rich natural scenery and the most popular Boracay beach on Philippines. It includes a rich tropical environment, a panoramic view of the ocean, as well as various forms of vegetation and wildlife, in addition to being a commercial center on the island.

Nightlife in the beach town is also hot and noticeable, as along the White Beach there are numerous bars and nightclubs that remain open until late at night. These “party-hubs” are located throughout.

White Beach in Boracay

Matabungbai, Batangas. Today Batangas is a very popular tourist center – there are many resorts and excellent beaches around the city, and the waters of Batangas Bay are famous for their dive sites.

For practicing water sports — swimming, sailing on a yacht or boat — it’s good to go to Matabungbai beach in Lian town on the coast of the China Sea. This is the famous Batangas beach on the Philippines. These places are known for their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and untouched natural resources, a place where you can truly relax, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of this magical place.

Great Santa Cruz, Zamboanga. Great Santa Cruz is a small island not far from the Philippines city of Zamboanga. It is famous for its pink beach with coral sand. One of the rarest pink beaches in the world, the Great Santa Cruz is the only pink beach in the Philippines. The sand here got such color because of a special red coral, for millennia shredded by the power of the surf. Crystal clear turquoise water complements the palette of the beach colors. Photos from here will turn out fantastic.

Great Santa Cruz in Zamboanga

Logon Beach. To the shores of the Logon beach comes the local ferry and lands the island’s visitors on a beautiful sandy beach, and it is also a good place to enjoy local food in the form of fried chicken rotisari, a favorite food for locals and tourists. Also, on windy days this beach has relatively calm waters safe for swimming and snorkeling.

Beaches of Cebu. Now the island of Cebu is popular with its beaches, and its historical part, and an abundance of fruits, and wicker rattan furniture, as well as ornaments made from semiprecious stones, coconut products, and Hawaiian guitars.

Beaches of Cebu in Philippines

For a more relaxed and budgetary vacation, you should go to Alcoi on Tingko Beach or in Moalboal on Panangsama Beach. Cebu Philippines beaches are famous for the fact that there are few tourists here, there are many local fishponds where grilled fish and dishes of Philippines cuisine are cooked.

Beach Puraran, Manila. The local beach is called Puraran, and it is also considered a kind of center for surfers and other water sports. Manila Philippines beach, located within the city, are not very clean, but the sand on the beach of Puraran is just perfect. From pluses it is the city’s beaches: numerous cabins for changing clothes, free toilet,cafeterias, pubs, bars for tourists with reasonable prices and much more.

Puka Beach, Boracay. Puka Beach is a piece of the beach world untouched by mankind, it does not have hotels, bars and restaurants, and this is its charm. Very pure water, white sand, and from the heat you can hide in the shade under the big leaves of palm trees. If you are very hungry, the restaurants can be found at the entrance to the beach.

Puka Beach in Boracay

El Nido, Palawan. The coastal city of El Nido is the “last frontier” of the Philippines and the gateway to the wildlife world. Of course, there is a tiny white sand and crystal blue water, but the beaches of El Nido rightfully occupy the first place due to the species that open from its lagoons. Magnificent rock formations, untouched nature, marble cliffs, prehistoric caves and many waterfalls — a person’s leg can pass anywhere, and the opening view captivates the views.

El Nido is also one of the best Palawan beach Philippines and the best destination for diving – the coastal waters of Palawan harbor more than 50 species of coral, as well as rare species of animals such as whales, whale sharks, manatees, rays, dolphins and sea turtles.

El Nido in Palawan

Dumaluan, Panglao. Dumaluan is one of the best beaches on the island of Panglao, Philippines. In contrast to the more popular Alona Beach, it is much calmer and more beautiful here. So if you want to escape from the bustle of the city, and just relax, while admiring the views of the ocean — you here. The best time for a beach holiday in Dumaluan is a dry season from January to May.

Especially it would be desirable to note palm trees with hammocks – directly ideal classical landscape! The coastline refers to expensive hotels, so you have to pay 25 pesos for the entrance, which is not much for such conditions. However, it is possible to go free of charge from the north (from Libaong beach), but in this case it will not be possible to use the infrastructure. The beach is cleaned daily. Plus, directly at the beach of Dumaluan there are several luxury hotels.

Dumaluan in Panglao

Alona, Panglao. This is the most popular beach of Panglao in the Philippines. This is a very beautiful place, but it may seem that it is too touristy. At every step there are cafes where you will be offered to try local cuisine, and music plays everywhere on the coast. If you want to be in the center of events and attend parties, then come here.

The beach is clean and well maintained, and clear water and beckons to swim. If you like to spend time in the water, then there are developed water kinds of entertainment. There are many boats in the water that carry tourists for snorkeling and diving. This is a great place to relax with a positive atmosphere.

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