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Getting to Paraguay

The economy of a country is largely determined with its access to essential utilities like water, the ability to trade with other countries, security, and infrastructure. These are pertinent issues that affect landlocked countries like Paraguay. Despite these setbacks, Paraguay has fought to stand out as an incredible tourist attraction site. This is embellished in the silent savannah scrub, the massive forest coverage that silently whistles in the warm surroundings and the unbelievable artistic ceramics.

From the 3D monument, Paraguay casts a charm that makes it a go-to tourist site.

The Paraguay travel information states that even though the main airport at Asuncion does not have a national carrier, the neighbours have you covered. There are daily flights from Brazil.

The A Lego Garcia private outlet also complements the effort. It conducts at least two international flights weekly and limitless domestic flights.

Although the Argentinian rail was disconnected, its reliable long-distance bus service is readily available from Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Just ensure you select the standard bus quality. You can also use a boat from the neighbouring countries which have adapted to using ferries to roam the rivers in Paraguay.

Valid passports can be used in place of visas at Paraguay. This only applies to the UK and EU personalities. Those traveling by land may have to acquire visas before traveling to Paraguay.

government building in Paraguay

Is It Safe to Travel to Paraguay?

Every travel destination has its own challenges. So, is Paraguay is safe to travel? Yes, It is. Always advised that you bigger oneself with the necessary tools to avoid taking prey of circumstances. It is your primary responsibility to use secure transport means, avoid staying out late to ward off pickpockets, study the surroundings of your hotel or host, leave valuables in the hotel safe (not forgetting passports).

Although most roads are fairly decent, you can use a travel guide or a licensed taxi to avoid landing on dirt packs. Every new environment and climate may pose challenges to new entrants. This may omen inform of diseases. It is therefore advised that you take precautionary measure. It’s always wise to be vaccinated against yellow fever, Malaria, Zika virus, and Dengue fever. Despite all this, personal care and hygiene is a must. In some areas like Chao, you may not find clean drinking water. So, deal with that beforehand.

Top Attractions of Paraguay

Paraguay River Promenade
As if history is not enough, those sites provide insights into what you didn’t know about Paraguay. The relaxing attitude created by this river gives you the motivation to walk by the river, confide in it and maybe head back for a traditional cuisine.

Iguazú Falls
Lazily sitting on the border of Argentina and Brazil, this iconic creation is made off over 250 cascades. It is protected by the unending hiking trails that hold secrets to the beauty of Paraguay.

Iguazu Falls in Paraguay

Ybycuí National Park
It is the home of Paraguay’s capuchin monkey and tropical birds. You can cool off on hot days by visiting the local museum to immerse oneself in the region’s history. Do not forget the Arroyo Mina leisure area and the iron foundry of Paraguay. Ybycuí National Parks proximity from the Asuncion capital makes it easily accessible.

Sandy beaches

The San Bernardino beach is a treasure that welcomes you to have some peace in the sun. Although it’s far away from the capital, it is to its advantage so that it can offer all the adventure that would have been obscured by the noisy city

Water masses
This huge engineering creation of Itapúa could enable you to rekindle your fishing skills. It is the powerhouse of Paraguay.

Wildlife lovers could make the most out of the Paraguay trip to watch the Jaguars and other unique animal species at Gran Chaco. This is the ultimate test on how many native birds you can identify.
The scarcity of human inhabitants on this western part of Paraguay makes it simple natural and fit.

The Paraguay ruins
These Jesus and Trinidad Jesuit ruins provide deep insights into the Guarani war. They were built and abandoned years ago. These ruins are one of the most frequented places in Paraguay. The museum is a hub for the rich Paraguay history. It is connected to the National Pantheon of the hero’s museum and monument. It is the mother of Paraguayan independence. It is meant to honour the fallen heroes of Paraguay. It’s an attractive package because you can easily combine a trip through the ruins through the famous falls of Iguazu. The ruins enable you to wildly visualize on how a small dream can live to be passed over to imminent generations.

old buildings of the Paraguay ruins

Paraguay festivals
Tailor your tourism tastes and visit at the right time. Take, for instance, the Paraguay festival lovers would go for the San Blas Fiestas dancing festival or carnival of Nigren de la Candelaria in February, the Semanta Santa in March, and the Festival of rituals commonly referred to as de San Juan in June. Also, gain tea plantation of Paraguay. You will be stunned to discover that tea was primarily used as currency.

Paraguay festival

Paraguay is an amazing place to be. Travel to Paraguay depends on what you like. Tourist destinations appear to be rather busy through the year. The rainfall pattern of Paraguay if distributed evenly. There are the humid hot summer months of October and March. The rainfall during this season provides some sort of healing from the angry hot blazing sun. Additionally, there is the festive season that runs from April to September those who visit Paraguay for sight-seeing might consider the May to August winter because of the pretty low temperatures.

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