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Paraguay is a country that has a unique culture of its own. In fact, the culture that you can find in Paraguay can be considered as a combination of Guarani and European cultures. That’s mainly due to the Spanish settlers who came and started their lives with Guarani females.

Facts About Paraguay You Should Never Ignore

Lace making

Lace making is a prominent form of art that you can find in Paraguay. It clearly shows how the Spanish culture has created an influence on Guarani craft. Out of the different lace designs, ruedas, which is a wheel based lace design, has received a lot of attention. This lace design originated in Spain during the 1700s.

It was the missionaries and conquistadors who introduced this unique form of art to the people in South American countries. However, people who lived in Paraguay went ahead and started their own form of lace designs. It eventually became a part of the Paraguay culture as well. Along with time, the form of craft evolved with time. That’s where they added shapes of palm leaves to the designs.

There is a festival, which is being held in Paraguay to celebrate the lace making process as well. It is called as the Nanduti festival and it is being held in the month of July every year. It is also possible for the attendees to purchase lace products by attending this event.

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Songs of Paraguay

When you are exploring the Paraguay culture and customs, you should take a look at the songs as well. People who lived in Paraguay went ahead and came up with three different polka music types during the mid-19-th century. They include Cancion Paraguaya, Krye’y, and Galopa. Kyre’y and Galopa were similar to most of the Polka rhythms. That’s because they were upbeat and lively. However, Cancion Paraguaya had a slow rhythm.

During 1925, a musician named Jose Asuncion went ahead and introduced a unique form of cultural music to the Paraguay music style. It was named as Guarania. Guarania was a soulful and a slow musical style, which came along with emotional angst. It didn’t take a long time for this musical style to become a part of the Paraguay culture.

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Musical instruments

Similar to the other cultural forms that you can see in Paraguay, you will be able to discover a combination of Guarani and Spanish cultures in the musical instruments as well. People who live in the rural parts of the country are playing indigenous musical instruments. They include rattles that are made out of gourds and flutes that are made out of sugar cane.

In addition to that, you will also be able to find how people are playing the musical instruments that were introduced to them by the Spanish settlers. They include the Paraguay harp and the Paraguay guitar. Both these types of musical instruments are playing a major role behind the modern musical forms in Paraguay. However, the rock music culture that you can find in the country has been influenced by the Caribbean music styles.

Guarani ceramics

While reviewing the Paraguay culture and customers, you must also take a look at the Guarani ceramics. The people who live in Paraguay specialize in ceramic designs. In fact, they go ahead and manufacture jugs and ums out of ceramics. They are then being used for drinking. If you visit any of the museums in Paraguay, you will be able to see extensive collections of indigenous ceramics. You will also be able to discover a series of sculptures, which are made out of ceramics. Most of them have been created during the 20th and 21st Centuries.

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People in Paraguay celebrate a variety of festivals throughout the year. These are some of the most interesting facts about Paraguay culture as well. Most of these festivals are amusing and entertaining the guests through traditional customs that exist within the country. Some of these celebrations are based upon religious beliefs as well. The San Juan Festival and Holy Week festivities are perfect examples for such celebrations.

You will also be able to discover festivals, which contain secular varieties. The carnival that takes place in Encarnacion is the best example of it. It is also the largest celebration that is being held within Paraguay. The cultural traditions of Paraguay are highlighted in these festivals. In most of the festivals, the blended cultures of Europe and Paraguay are portrayed. If you visit any of these events, you will be able to get a better understanding of how they will look like.

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