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Facts You Need to Know About Paraguay Before Going There

1. Some homes in Paraguay don’t have doors or windows

Paraguay has an extremely hot climate. As a result, people are looking for effective methods to cool down their homes and beat the heat. That’s where they think about constructing homes without any doors or windows. In fact, they keep the doors and windows left out and it helps them to reduce the temperature inside the homes. Due to the same reason, the guests will not knock on anything to notice the residents about their arrival. Instead, they will go ahead and clap their hands.

2. Paraguay has a massive navy

The navy of Paraguay is larger when compared to all other landlocked countries out there in the world. Paraguay maintains such a massive navy because they want to focus more on the rivers. In fact, more attention is being provided to the protection of rivers as there is no coastline. This is one of the most interesting facts about Paraguay.

mountains in Paraguay

3. Distribution of wealth

The distribution of wealth in Paraguay is quite interesting as well. In fact, around 80% of the land in Paraguay is owned by 2.5% of the population. On the other hand, around 161 individuals are responsible for controlling 90% of the wealth in the country. Therefore, it can be considered as a country where extremely rich and extremely poor people live.

4. Paraguay is a bilingual country

When you are looking for the most interesting facts about Paraguay, you cannot ignore this fact. Two languages are being spoken by people in the country. Guarani and Spanish are those two languages. This is one of the few South American countries, which has been able to retain the native language, even with foreign influence.

5. The tragic war

Paraguay is a country that has experienced a tragic car in the past. This war is also called the war of Triple Alliance. The war took place between 1864 and 1870. During this war, around 50% of the male population in the country lost their lives. The main reason why Paraguay ended up with such a large number of causalities because the President overestimated the military strength of the country.

old buildings of Paraguay

6. Dueling is legalized

Dueling is legalized within the country. However, it is important for the participants to go ahead and register themselves as blood donors. After that, they don’t need to go through any hassle before engaging with the fights. It is also important for a medical specialist to be present during the time of the fight.

7. Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam is one of the most prominent structures that you can find in Paraguay. The amount of concrete used for the construction of this dam could have been used to construct 210 different football stadiums. Around 75% of the electricity production in the country is catered by this dam. It is a binational dam as well. The dam is governed and controlled by the government of Brazil.

8. The second largest river in South America

The Paraguay River can be considered as the second longest river that you can discover in South America. This river covers a total distance of 2,621 kilometers. In fact, it flows through Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia as well.

waterfalls in Paraguay

9. Eye contact

Now let’s take a look at one of the most interesting facts about Paraguay culture. The people in Paraguay should maintain eye contacts when they engage in conversations with others. This helps them to show trust and mutual respect with each other. But in many other countries, maintaining eye contact during conversations is considered disrespectful. If you are visiting Paraguay, you need to pay special attention to this fact.

10. Paraguay is not a time conscious country

Last but not least, you need to understand that Paraguay is not a time-conscious country. In fact, people in Paraguay prefer to value relationships instead of keeping time. Therefore, it is completely natural to see how people arrive late for events, meetings, and ceremonies. It cannot be considered as a sigh that indicates rudeness.

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