Western Pacific Islands

Western Pacific Islands. An exotic holiday that will change your life

If you are looking for something really extraordinary and if you want to see the nature’s untouched beauty, Western Pacific Islands are definitely for you.

The western part of the Pacific Ocean is flecked with tiny islands and groups of islands; there are so many of them that one may need to write an encyclopedia to tell about them all. In this article we made an attempt to concentrate on the most interesting ones.

New Caledonia

In 1853, New Caledonia was declared a French colony.

Tourism is not the main source of state budget in New Caledonia. But anyway this segment occupies an important place in the economics of the archipelago. The island has the entire necessary infrastructure. There are budget variants and luxury hotels here at option. New Caledonia produces the impression of a European resort, but with local charm.

Honeymoon trips to New Caledonia are very popular, especially Japanese couples like this destination. Since 2007 weddings are organized almost every day here.

New Caledonia

The Mariana Islands

The Mariana Islands are a favorite destination for Japanese and Chinese tourists. A flight from Tokyo to this archipelago takes only three hours, that is why thousands of tourists from these two countries visit the archipelago every month.

As all warm tropic waters, the coast of the Mariana Islands is teemed by some animals and fish that are dangerous for people. On the beaches there are electric rays. In shallow waters one can meet a shark. It is not recommended to bathe alone and on deserted beaches, especially early in the morning and late at night, when big sea predators set off for hunting.

The Mariana Islands


The most interesting tourist destinations on Tonga are the trilithon called Haʻamonga ʻa Maui (the name is translated as ‘Burden of God Maui’; the weight of it is 12 tons) and the city called Mua, the former capital of Tonga.

Haʻamonga ʻa Maui is actually an arch, consisting of three coral slabs, each five meters long. This construction reminds Stonehenge but the purpose of this installation on Tonga remains a mystery for scientists.

On the place where Mua city was located archaeologists found villages and tombs of tribal leaders.

Tonga photo

If you choose Western Pacific Islands for your next holiday, this destination

may become the place you will never stop to return to.


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