Samoa island of Upolu

Samoa tourism: popular sights

Western Samoa is a beautiful corner of the Earth, which is not strongly affected by civilization. For this reason, the main treasures of the country are its mountains, forests, beaches and colorful villages. If to talk about man-made sights, then the largest number is concentrated in the capital of Samoa, Apia, on the island of Upolu. For example, in its western part there is the old ceremonial capital Mulinu’u. In the central part of Apia, the most interesting is the Memorial Clock Tower. What is more, old colonial buildings are scattered throughout the city. Also, there are many churches in the capital and its suburbs.

Upolu green forest

A lot of interesting places are on Upolu Island. In its northern part there are picturesque Falefa Falls, Uafato rainforest reserve, Lake Lanoto’o and Bahai Temple. The most interesting places on the south-east coast are the cascade of five-meter waterfalls Papase’ea Sliding Rocks. But, the main attractions here are the O le Pupu-Pue National Park and Paradise Beach.

National Park

Entertainment and recreation

Due to its rich nature, Samoa is an excellent place for outdoor activities and hiking. The most convenient way to explore islands is using a boat or canoe. Bicycle tours are quite popular among tourists, especially on the picturesque Savaii Island. There are also many beautiful beaches that will suit both beach rest and snorkeling.

beautiful sea

Preferable places for diving are located next to the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve and in the area of Maninoa Beach (the island of Upolu). Surfing in Samoa is rather challenging task, as many suitable places are full of unstable currents and reefs. However, there are some resorts on the islands that specialize in such kind of activity (Maninoa Beach, Ananoa Beach and Saluafata Harbor).

 Preferable places for diving

Fishing in Samoa is quite affordable, but expensive. An interesting way of pastime can be participation in one of the local festivals. Among them, the largest one is Teuila Festival, which takes place in early September. The program of this event includes competitions of dance groups and choirs, traditional dances, kirikiti competitions (cricket in Samoa), boat races and flower parade.

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