best Pacific destinations

Best Pacific holiday destinations.

The coasts of the Pacific Ocean are a small piece of Paradise, picturesque and romantic places where you can go with family or spend a romantic holiday with beloved one. Let’s consider the best Pacific holiday destinations for beach rest and sightseeing.

Taha’a, French Polynesia

I bet none of your friends has been there. In comparison with neighboring Bora Bora and Tahiti, one can call Taha’a a real terra incognita.

Travelers relax lying on snow-white sand and enjoy the beauty of azure waters. You can observe lagoons and beaches from the air in the helicopter. Diving and exploring the underwater world are one of the most popular activities on this paradise island.

Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand

In the 70th Coromandel, located just 42 km from Auckland, was popular among hippies. Now it is a major centre of ecotourism and one of the best Pacific holiday destinations.

Take a walk along hilly banks and stroll through subtropical forests. Be sure to visit Waihi deposit, where the gold is still mined. Sail on yacht, scuba dive, bathe in hot springs, and enjoy unusually beautiful deserted beaches.

Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand

Lifou, New Caledonia

The Lifou is located 190 km from New Caledonia. In fact, tourists can just enjoy the sceneries from sunrise to sunset. But if you like active rest, go scuba diving or fishing. Explore the coves and white sands in the Peng Beach area, Grotto D’Avio caves with stalactites and 40-meter Joking Cliffs. Ride mountain bikes. Find out how local farmers grow sweet potato – yams, taro root and vanilla in Mucaweng.

Baie des Tortues à Mu - Turtle Bay in Mu

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The best and most romantic beaches of Australia are situated along the Great Ocean Road, a 243-kilometer track built after World War I.

Enjoy one of the best Pacific destinations for holiday walking along the picturesque coast. Run a marathon from Lorne to Apollo Bay. Drop in one of numerous vegetarian cafes in Lorne. Sail on yacht, go surfing or fishing, play golf, explore the Great Otway National Park.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

The archipelago of 16 mountainous islands, stretched 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City, has a great power of beauty. These islands are considered to be the best in Vietnam for diving. It is save even for beginners to take a couple of diving lessons.

Explore the surroundings from the water on kayaks or round wicker Vietnamese boats. Visit picturesque coasts of Bai Dat Doc and Dam Trau. Watch newborn turtles at Hon Bay Canh. Look for monkeys and black squirrels in mangrove forests.

Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

Togian Islands, Indonesia

It is an archipelago of 56 islands of volcanic origin integrated in a huge national park. The dugong, the only modern representative of the sirens, is found here among other fish and animals.

The most popular activity in the Tomini Bay is snorkeling. The water here is transparent even at 45 metres depth! You will see three kinds of coral, green turtle, dugong and many more. On land, there are deer-pig – babirusa, rhinoceros hornbill, macaques and bright parrots.

Togian Islands, Indonesia

These were the best Pacific holiday destinations. Have a good rest!

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