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Сheap pacific island holidays that will make your wallet happy.

Pacific Islands are the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about paradise on earth. Sunny beaches with white sand and soothing salty water that can drift you away from worries seem to be available for millionaires only.

This destination is famous for being expensive, but that is not always true. Getting to the remote islands can be pricey, especially at the high season. That is because these small islands are distributed over a vast territory of the largest ocean in 3 main groups Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. However, after arriving, prices for accommodation, food and entertainments can vary from cheap to expensive even at such marvelous places as Tahiti or Fiji.


picture pacific islandOne of the most popular places for cheap holidays is Pacific Island of Fiji. Yes, you hear it right, this place can be called a Thailand of South Pacific for its variety of prices. Five nights in a 3-star hotel on the biggest island Viti Levu will cost you only $346 in March. With 332 islands only half of which are inhabited, you will have much to explore. Despite a huge flood of tourist, people of Fiji who are mostly Melanesian and Indian preserved their culture and friendly attitude.

Tongapacific island picture

Four island groups of Tonga are indeed confirming their second name, the “Friendly Islands”. Even though people of this Kingdom seeking for a more democratic form of government than a monarchy, they are warm-hearted to foreigners. As a former British colony, Tongans soaked traditional Christian values, so expect most of the places to be closed on Sunday.

On other days, you can expect modest prices with a decent meal starting from $10, which is reasonable for backpackers. In terms of nature, Tonga will treat you with its incredible biodiversity. Swimming with humpback whales near Vava’u is a must try here.

Samoa and American Samoaphoto pacific island

Other notable Polynesian Islands are Samoa and American Samoa. Despite sharing the same name, the last one is the territory of the USA and the first one is an independent country. The nature of both countries is amazing with the best beaches in the region, so do not forget to bring your snorkel or surf.

Speaking of differences, there are more hotel options and the range of prices is greater on Samoa. You can rent a nice Bungalow for only $20 per day. Samoa is visa-free for any citizen with a valid passport, but its American counterpart requires the visa on arrival from most nations except US citizens. Keep in mind that an American part of Samoa has been influenced by the US culture so it feels less authentic.

Solomon Islandspacific island photo

The last but not the least are the Solomon Islands, which spread to the east of Papua New Guinea for almost a thousand miles. Prices for a standard 3-star hotel suit start from $50 per night. This large group of islands with famous coral reef near Bonegi Beach is perfect for scuba diving. Clear blue water with exotic marine wildlife will not leave you disappointed. In addition, if you fond of hiking Solomon Islands has some historic WW2 places and amazing volcano trails.

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