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Useful information about Norway

Norway is the most visited Scandinavian state by tourists. And it’s not surprising. It strikes with a variety of nature: from snow-capped mountain peaks to apple orchards. A country that has absorbed traditions, like the barbarian tribes of the Vikings, and the best European royal courts. This is the northernmost country in Europe is not inferior to the southern resorts, the more so as it ranks first in terms of living standards. What is interesting in this wonderful country you can find in the Norway travel guide.

Norway beach in winter at night

Tips and Attractions for travelers

What season is perfect to travel. Despite the severity of the climate, Norway is visited by millions of tourists every year. What is the best time to travel to Norway? Therefore, the high season in Norway — twice a year. A good time to visit is the period from December to March, and the second option is from May to September. Traveling to Norway will help you enjoy the harsh northern romance and at the same time leave in your memory the warmest memories. A low season in Norway can be called the off-season from October to December and from March to May.

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Transport. One of the best Norway travel tips is to use public transport. Official transport of Norway is represented by trains, buses, air and water transport. In the large cities of Norway there are information centers where you can get a certificate of public transport. Tourist offices also provide information on the movement within Norway.

The bus service in Norway is very well developed, the network of bus routes connects all the big cities of the country with each other and with the smallest settlements, with airports and ferry terminals.

Norway Attraction

The Atlantic road. Norway’s road system covers more than 90,000 kilometers. The roads are built in such a way that they quietly wind around the fjord banks, go up the mountains and contain countless bridges, tunnels and mountain passes. The most famous route in the country is the Atlantic road, picturesquely winding through a multitude of islands. Everyone who has toured this 8-kilometer road will remember the incredible views surrounding this track for a long time.

The Atlantic road in Norway

Bergen Museum of Art. Museum of Art, housed in three buildings, is one of Norway’s most impressive and ever-growing collections. The museum is dedicated to the Norwegian and foreign fine arts of the XIII-XX centuries. The collection is known for the collection of Greek and Russian icons, the oldest of which date back to the 13th century, as well as paintings by Dutch artists of the 17th century.

In the well-known collection of Rasmus Meyer, Edward Munch’s masterpieces are presented, as well as the best works of Norwegian romantics. In addition, there are works by such famous contemporary artists as Picasso, Edvard Munch, Joan Miró, Wassily Kandinsky, Max Ernst, as well as works by lesser-known artists.

Geirangerfuerden. One of the main Norway tourist attractions is the Geirangerfjord. He gathered all the best that can be found in the fjords: transparent emerald-blue water, majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, green valleys — all this creates an incredible landscape.

Like most other bays in Norway, it was formed after the melting of the glacier, and its name came from the homonymous village on its outskirts. There are cafes, souvenir shops, a mooring for motor ships and an observation deck, from where you can make the most successful shots.

Geirangerfuerden in Norway

Road of trolls. The famous landmark of the country is Trollstigen, better known as Troll Road, a length of 106 kilometers. It winds from side to side – the serpentine has about 11 sharp turns, and its width does not exceed 3.3 meters. The road is laid along the steep slope of the mountains, which the Norwegians call the spins of giant trolls. It runs along fjords, waterfalls and rises high up the hill. For the convenience of motorists along the way parking spaces are installed where you can park the car and enjoy a magnificent view of the viewing platform. Such an unusual route attracts tourists from all over the world.

Road of trolls in Norway

Floibanen. This is a rail-funicular railway in Bergen, which will take you to a height of 320 m above sea level. In just a few minutes you will be on the top of the mountain, from which you can admire the city and its surroundings.
However, Fleien is not only a beautiful sight. Mount Floyen is an ideal place to relax in the fresh air. Here you will find many paths along which you can walk, enjoying peace and nature.

Troll’s tongue. Norway is an amazing country, rich in natural attractions, one of which is the unusual mountain of Scieggedal, where the rock of Trolltung is located, in translation meaning “Troll’s tongue”. This place must be visited during the adventure travel to Norway. Its popularity was due to an unusual ledge, resembling an elongated tongue, hanging at an altitude of 350 meters. Particular beauty is given to him by the artificially created Lake Ringedvalsvatn. The rock is considered the most famous and the most photographed in the country.

Troll's tongue in Norway

Norwegian food

The cuisine of Norway is simple and caloric, its tradition has developed under the influence of the severe Scandinavian climate. The main ingredients of Norwegian cuisine are fish, meat, cereals, bread and dairy products. A special feature is the almost complete absence of sauces – this is done in order to preserve the natural taste of food.

Typical dishes of Norwegian cuisine are: lutefisk – pre-soaked in alkaline solution and after soaked in water dried cod; forikol — lamb meat with cabbage and potatoes, traditionally prepared in autumn; rakfisk – fermented trout; sandwiches. As a delicacy, tourists can try elk and venison. Also good is local brown goat cheese.

Norwegian traditional seafood

Traditional alcoholic beverage in the country is akevitt. This is a strong 40% potato or grain alcohol, infused into spices: thyme, dill, coriander, cinnamon, fennel, anise.

In Norway, homemade sweeties are very popular. They bake bread, pies and rolls – in each province are different, according to their special recipe. So be sure to check out such a pastry shop for a delicious breakfast.

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