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Around the USA: Top 5 most interesting places to visit in North America

1. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in southern Utah and is one of top 5 most stunning places to visit in North America.

Here you can face miles of breathtaking landscapes and majestic mountain formations – Hoodoo. Unusual forms of Hoodoo are accompanied by a beautiful combination of flowers. From pale yellow to orange and reddish color – the shades of this natural wonder provide spectacular and inspiring views. This is one of the most amazing attractions in the US, recommended for visiting. The best time to visit the park is during the winter, because the air at this time is refreshing, and visibility is the best, especially when everything is bathed in the golden sunset heat.

2. Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Walt Disney World Resort Florida

Disney World is a worldwide entertainment center, located near Orlando, Florida in the two campuses of Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake. Do not mix Disney World with Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California.

You cannot call yourself a traveler who have seen all of America, if you were not in the world of Walt Disney. The territory of Disney World occupies 100 square kilometers, which makes it twice as big as Manhattan. For sure, it is one of top 5 most stunning places to visit in North America.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Looking at the Grand Canyon, a person feels like a grain of sand in the largest gorge of the Earth. 460 kilometers long and more than 1800 meters deep, the Grand Canyon stretches from Lee Ferry, Arizona to Lake Mead, Nevada.

Grand Canyon Arizona

The Grand Canyon is home to 1,500 plant species, 90 mammal species, 17 fish species, 45 reptile species, 9 wildlife species and 350 bird species. More than 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon annually.

One of the popular places of the Grand Canyon is the Skywalk observation deck, the bridge is made in the form of a transparent horseshoe, 65 feet wide, which extends into the air.

4. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The Golden Gate of San Francisco is a cult bridge and one of the most beautiful technical masterpieces in the state of California. It is located in the San Francisco Bay and connects two peninsulas.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge, built in the fourth decade of the 20th century, thanks to its vast gap, reddish shades and unique forms, is distinctive and one of the most recognizable sights of the United States. The Golden Gate shows its best prospects at night, when it rains, or when the place is covered with a fog. And all these prospects are beautiful in their own way.

5.New York

New York is one of the largest capitals in the world, as well as the most populous city in the US. This is a very impressive city, and it applies to everything that surrounds you in New York City.

New York

One of New York’s biggest attractions is the countless bright light of giant skyscrapers in Manhattan, which creates such a charming mixture of lights and colors that turn night into day. Just think about high skyscrapers with their bright night lights, which are magically reflected in the bright surface of the Hudson River.


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