New York Tourism

New York Tourism. Welcome to the Brightest City of the United


New York is the biggest and the most interesting city in the United States.  When a tourist comes to New York, he/she gets an embarrassment of riches. There are so many things to see and to do here.

Here is our ‘Must-do in New York’ list:

#1 To get up onto the roof of a skyscraper.


#2 To see the Statue of Liberty (a climb to the crown also affords a panoramic view of New York).

Statue of Liberty

#3 To attend a Broadway musical show.


#4 To come to Times Square late in the evening.

 Times Square

# 5 To enjoy the panorama of New York skyscrapers.

panorama of New York skyscrapers

Must-see places in New-York

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most famous bridge in New York and one of the oldest functioning bridges in the USA. It was built in 1883, and till 1903 it remained the longest hanging bridge in the world.

Brooklyn Bridge

Nowadays Central Park in New York is considered one of the most famous and the biggest parks in the world. It is situated in Manhattan and occupies the territory of 3.4 square kilometers. About 25 million of visitors come here annually; this fact makes Central Park one of the most popular parks in the United States.

Central Park

The most unusual viewpoints in New-York

The Flatiron Building was constructed in 1902.  Its height is 85.5 meters. There are two different narratives about it:  according to the first, there is some evidence that when the building was finished (in 1902), it was the highest building in the world; according to other sources, Flatiron has never been even the highest building in New York. Anyway, its unusual shape will capture your attention.

The Flatiron Building

The sculpture called ‘Expansion’ appeared in New York not so long ago. Its height is 2 meters, and it consists of glowing pedestal and a nude woman’s figure in the lotus position. The body of the woman is cracked, beams of light fight their way through the cracks. Nowadays, this amazing sculptural composition is considered one of the outstanding masterpieces of contemporary art.


Tourism in New York is what we recommend you for the next vacation.  No matter, you are in New York for the first or for the 10th time, this city will always surprise you. Come to New York again and again, and you will feel forever young!

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