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Best places to visit in Western US: choosing the route.

Many tourists dream about a journey along the west coast of the United States. The list of attractions there seems to be endless. A month would not be enough to visit them all.

The west coast of the USA stretches from Alaska up to California. Anyway we tried to pick out the best places to visit in Western US. In this review we would like to recommend you the short route: Los-Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco. Visiting these three huge cities, we would certainly stop at the Death Valley National Park to see the untouched oasis of wildlife.

#1 Los-Angelespicture Western US

The vast majority of tourists would start with visiting Hollywood Walk of Fame in this city. The stars of Hollywood Boulevard bear the names of many famous people as well as fiction characters.US west picture

In Los-Angeles, there is a well-known Griffith Observatory with a big planetarium, telescopes, and exhibition hall with many interesting showpieces.photo of Western US

The gambling capital welcomes tourists

#2 Las-Vegas

The globally known Las-Vegas is situated at the very heart of Mojave Desert.

The city needs no introduction and is one of the capitals of gambling business in the world.Western US photo

Apparently, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Las-Vegas is Bellagio fountains.

Numerous water currents, moving synchronically with music, rise up to 150 meters in height.photo US

In Las-Vegas, one can also visit Guinness World Records Museum. The collection is devoted to the most unusual achievements of the mankind.

’The City’

San Francisco, often called ’The City’, is well recognized as the capital of gay rights movement and hippie culture.

Amongst the sightseeing objects in San Francisco, the most prominent are the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and cable cars.weas coast us

Western US pict

Western US photo

Death Valley

The Death Valley National Park is called the most rainless spot on the territory of the USA. In Death Valley the climate is the hottest and the driest. In summer the temperature touches the record highs of about 140 F in the shaded areas.

There are many animals and plants in the park, which were able to adjust to complicated weather conditions.

More than 90% of the territory of Death Valley stay wild and undeveloped by a man.places Western US

A tourist can find best places to visit in Western US for any taste: for urban culture and for wild nature lovers.

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