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Beautiful places in the USA: America, a magnet for tourists

USA attracts visitors by its own secrecy and mystery. America has been not enough investigated for many years, but today all the most beautiful places in USA are accessible to travelers. Every corner of America has something interesting to meet every taste. But now we are going to speak about North America. This top of North America attractions will allow you to plan your vacation in a perfect way. Here you can see the most unusual places. Waterfalls, mountains, temples and cathedrals – all this is only a small part, which is the embodiment of the long history and culture of North America.

Michigan lake

Top 5 beautiful places in the USA

#1 Island in the Huron Lake.

Lake Huron in Michigan is a part of the national reserve. It is quite a remote place and it is rather difficult to get to it. Here is a beautiful untouched nature and magnificent landscapes. An unusual small island is located in the lake.


#2 Arizona Wave.

The Wave is a sandstone formation on the border between Arizona and Utah. This picturesque place has become quite popular among travelers and photographers thanks to its colorful, hilly views. But to get to the Wave, you need to overcome a difficult path under the scorching sun.

Arizona Wave

#3 Havasu Falls.

Thanks to the emerald green color of water and unique beauty, it has long been a great attraction for tourists, who visited the Grand Canyon. Water falls from a 37 meters high sheer cliff.

Havasu Falls

#4 Morning Glory Pool.

This unusual name has a beautiful lake and a hot spring in the Yellowstone National Park. The park is famous for its geysers and springs. Morning Glory is the highlight and the main attraction of Yellowstone.

Morning Glory Pool.

#5 Fly Geyser.

The most interesting geyser is located in the northwest of Nevada. It is interesting not only by its appearance, but also by its history. The fact is that it is half artificial.

Fly Geyser

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