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Top 7 best places to visit in the USA

America…The land of opportunity and freedom. The phrase “American Dream” has become a byword for wealth and success. Millions of people move to the United States seeking a better life. I am not sure whether the risk is justified or not, but the USA is definitely worth travelling to. Breathtaking natural landscapes and huge skyscrapers, secluded national parks and noisy city streets, theme parks and art galleries…Everyone can find something to his liking. I made this top of 7 best (in my opinion) places to visit in the USA to help you plan your trip to this wonderful country.

1. Hamilton Pool Preserve

Where: Austin, Texas

This is a unique natural pool created as a result of cave’s ceiling collapse. Thus, the pool is half-aboveground, half-underground. Waterfall makes this place especially fascinating and gives tourists an opportunity to take fabulous pictures. As a bonus, visitors are allowed swimming in the pool.

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2. Carhenge

Where: Alliance, Nebraska

Carhenge is sort of spoof on Stonehenge. The monument consists of 38 vintage American cars painted gray and arranged in a way to resemble the original Stonehenge. Carhenge, along with other statues made out of car parts and cars, is a part of so-called “Car Art Preserve”.

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3. Gilroy Gardens

Where: Gilroy, California

This theme park comprises a unique collection of Circus Trees shaped to create fancy patterns, like heart, basket, spirals, phone booth, etc. This marvellous place was created by Axel Erlandson, a farmer, whose hobby was experimenting with tree trunk shapes. There are also many rides and attractions, gardens, museums and a picnic area in this park.

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4. Burning Man

Where: Black Rock Desert, Nevada

This fest is the celebration of freedom, art and self-expression. It is held annually, from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September. It is customary for participants of the gathering to wear crazy and unique outfits and ride art cars and mutant vehicles. The climax of the fest is the ritual burning of a huge wooden statue called “the Man”.


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5. Papakōlea Beach

Where: near South Point, Hawaii

If you have promised your beloved one to strew her path with gemstones, take her to Papakōlea Beach in Hawaii. It is one of four beaches in the world, where you can walk on semi-precious stones, as the sand here is composed predominantly of olivine, green mineral of volcanic origin. The bad news is that you cannot take a handful of sand with you as a souvenir.

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6. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

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Where: San Francisco Bay

There is hardly a person in the world, who has not heard about this maximum security prison. It is, perhaps, the most frequently mentioned penitentiary institution in movies and books. Alcatraz, also called “The Rock”, used to be a prison for dangerous special criminals. It is believed that due to security measures, cold water, heavy currents and white sharks, it was almost impossible to escape from Alcatraz. Now this infamous place is a very popular among tourists public museum.


7. Stratosphere Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

One may ask what could be so exceptional about a hotel and casino. That is because he/she has never been to Stratosphere Tower.


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On the top of the tower, aside from observation desk and rotating restaurant, there are four thrill rides that are considered one of the scariest in the world:

  • SkyJump Las Vegas, a kind of Bungee-jumping ride;picture usa 12


  • Big Shot, a drop tower, which is the second highest ride on the planet;picture usa 13


  • X-Scream, a roller-coaster car that drives riders over the edge of the building;picture usa 14


  • Insanity, the scariest ride among these four; a centrifuge that is spinning over the precipice of the tower.picture usa 13


 That was my top 7 best places to visit in the USA; and what is yours?

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