Do you know that some places on our planet are literary dead?

Africa is a wonderful and amazing country with authenticity rich culture, dangerously gorgeous wildlife and marvelous sceneries. And one of them is salt and clay plateau of Sossusvlei, which is located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

In the heart of the Namib Desert lies the clay plateau of Sossusvlei and it is one of the most spectacular and world-wide known attraction in Namibia. There are hidden not only the largest red sand dunes in the world, but also the famous place named “Dead Valley”. It is called so because of dried dead trees which have been lying in this pan for thousand years. Namib is one of the ancient deserts in the world. It exists about 80 million years, since the time when you could easily find dinosaurs. The desert is quite dry, except for a few coastal cities.

This place is a surreal world of red sands and purple sky, where perfect forms of sand-dunes reminds giant pyramids, surrounded with black, clumsy trunks of dried thousand years old acacias. It is not very popular among tourists, but those who know about it wouldn’t miss a chance to visit. Dunes stretch along the coast and some are from 10 to 20 kilometers in length. Their average height is from 60 to 240 meters and the highest dune reaches 383 meters.

Interesting detail, that particularly these dunes are the most beloved between photographers from all over the world. It is so because of its incredible and marvelous red color, especially in morning or evening “golden hour”. There are no trees and you won’t find any shadow to make an interesting photo in midday. Due to Africa’s hot climate it has no season limits for visiting – the plateau remains its beauty all around the year.

The National Park begins in Sestiem and it is located 65 km from Sassusvlei. On this “entrance” tourists have to pay an entry fee, which is about from 5 to 15$. There are also some other attractions in the National Park of Namibia, such as Dune 45, Sesriem Canyon, Hiddenvlei, Big Daddy, Deadvle.

How to get there?

The best way to reach this place is by car. As Sossusvlei plays a major role for tourism sphere, there are a lot of good asphalt roads. But remember that this area is inhabited by wild animals that can get on your way – springbok, gemsbok (oryx) and ostrich are common. Almost every road is surrounded by fancies, but still, be careful. The couple of last kilometers of the road to Sossusvlei go through the sand so it is better to take an all-wheel-drive.

What to do there?

This place is not very rich at activities, but there are still some amazing things to do even in a dead desert. Probably, the trendiest activity is to admire the sunrise from the peak of the sand-dune. Going there is difficult, takes lot of time and all your energy, but the result will fill your mind and spirit with an indescribable beauty, such emotions are definitely priceless.

Another famous activity is Namib Sky Balloon Safari, which lets you to admire this beauty from the birds’ eye.

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