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What, Why and How in Morocco?

First thing to keep in mind is that Friday is an official holiday. Most of the important locations, outlets, stores and markets remain closed on a Friday. Because Morocco is a Muslim country and they do their prayer offerings on Fridays. It is advisable to not to plan an outing on a Friday to just return empty handed from all the places.

Next thing is to carry sufficient cash in the currency of exchange which is Moroccan Dirham. Because most of the places don’t accept credit/debit cards and ATMs are almost always out of cash. It’s a country that has more cash flow and believes in the paper economy.

Palais Namaskar in Morocco

Men can dress anyway they want but women need to be a little cautious and try to cover most parts of their bodies. With that being said it’s not like that there are harassers all around. But attracting less attention is the best way to avoid any situation that might go bad.

People are friendly and helping but there are people who would try to trick you too. It is advisable to keep a distance from strangers who offer help because you can’t sit there and judge anyone’s intention.

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Bargain is the key in buying good stuff for a cheaper price; bargain as low as you can. If the shopkeeper doesn’t agree, see yourself to the way out, chances are that he would ask you to return back. He would agree eventually and you would have something really good to take back home.

This is all just strictly Morocco travel advice please abstain yourself from using it elsewhere. While there are a few things to which you can follow at every new place that you might visit. Like remember to carry bottled water all along. Do remember to keep yourself healthy and fit while travelling. You don’t want to fall ill on a tour. The most important of all is to carry less but important things with you, which you might need along the tour. Pack light and “easy to carry” bags because travelling can sometimes be a tiring job.

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Where in Morocco?

You want to find out “Where to travel in Morocco?” Well, this one is a question which is subjected to the number of days that you have. If you are on a long trip to Morocco you might want to explore the country thoroughly.

A long walk on the “Mediterranean Coast” can be soothing, relaxing and a memorable and pleasurable experience. Handcrafts and traditional embroidered clothes are a speciality of this country and also give a glimpse into its rich cultural heritage.

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“Tetouan” alongside the Mediterranean Sea has the streets filled with such works and crafts of all times. With limestone walls and beautiful interior and exterior it stands tall as a symbolic piece of architecture and a World Heritage Site.

street of Tetouan

If you are a Hiker then it’s going to be a paradise for you as there is so much for you to be a part of. There are so many National Parks that have adventurous expeditions for you. “Al-Hoceima National Park” can offer you an adventurous journey with many rest houses on the way and the Mediterranean Sea on one side.

If you are looking for something more adventurous and breathtaking then you can find your way to “Middle Atlas Mountains” and start climbing to the highest peak of “Mount Toubkal”.

If you are interested in Camel Treks or Mountain Biking then the land of sand and stone welcomes you. Motor Sports on the “Chgaga Dunes” around “Ouarzazate” are going to increase your adrenalin rush. You are going to find nature’s many attractions here. You can see sand dunes forming and fading away. You can also end up walking endlessly on the sands and be lost. The beauty that mountains and rivers have is something everybody talks about but the sands are beautiful as well. They are just less travelled on and less explored.

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If you would like to extend your tour to the western part of the Morocco then you must visit the Atlantic. The view into Atlantic Ocean from the beach of western Morocco is a sight worth seeing.

“The Strait of Gibraltar” is again among the most visited attractions for tourist. The strait city or the White City is a common name used for “Tangier”. Water sports and Golf are the two main favourites of people here. One of the things to mark in your bucket list is to swim alongside the strait. The picturesque nature of various cities of Morocco, make the country a special tourist attraction. So, be ready to explore the country but remember the “What, Why and How” of it.

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