Monaco is the smallest country in the world after the Vatican. It is a constitutional monarchy where the ruler holds the title of Prince and Princess and not King and Queen. This small country is ruled by the Grimaldi family since 1297. Monaco is an independent country since 1861 but its defenses force is still being provided by France despite the fact that it is not a part of France.

The widely spoken language of this country is French. Other than French you will even find people speaking Italian English and Monegasque. The capital city of this country is Monte Carlo and this city is famous among the people for its casinos. This place is situated in the French Riviera and you will the flattered by the view of beautiful yachts that are docked in the ports of Monaco.

yachts in Monaco

How to Get To Monaco?

Reaching Monaco is very easy and you do not have to cross huge hurdles to reach there. However, Monaco does not have an airport so the nearest airport to Monaco is Nice Airport. After you have landed there you can get into a bus that is parked outside the terminal and it will take you just 1 hour to reach the beautiful city-state.

Is Monaco Expensive?

On average you will have to spend 190 USD for day travel in Monaco and 1324 USD for a week itinerary. The definition of expensive differs from one traveler to another and what might be expensive for you may not be a matter of concern for someone else. But in general, Monaco is quite expensive if you are a backpacker.

However, there is always a way out. To be more precise you can travel to Monaco on budget if you plan your trip in a smart way. there are many accommodations and cafes where you can eat and stay in less than the money you have imagined. No matter how expensive Monaco is but a plan trip can make your itinerary a beautiful one.

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Best Time to Travel To Monaco

The winters are fairly cold and the summers are warm and sunny in Monaco. But the best time to visit this beautiful small country is between May to October. There are many events held in Monaco during this timeframe.

At the end of May, you can experience the Monaco Grand Prix, in June the Bal d’Ete which is a summer ball arranged by the prince and during March can encounter the Monte Carlo open. But the most attractive events of amid all the events is the Monaco beat show. It attracts a huge number of tourist from across the globe.

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Monaco Travel Tips

Traveling to Monaco can be a mind-boggling experience as it is a luxurious place. this place is even known as the playground of rich people. here are some of the tips that might help you on your Monaco itinerary and keep you away from inconvenience.

You can always rent a luxuries car in Monaco but if you are on a budget journey then go for buses, trains, and bikes. You will find buses offering transport between Monte Carlo and railway stations. On the other hand, there are trains available every half an hour and you can even rent a bike in Monaco.

You can surely try eating in a Michelin starred restaurant but do not forget to try the street side food as well. These foods will give you the true taste of Monaco cuisine. The staple food of Monaco is seafood and the street food stalls serve the best and authentic taste of it.

Maintain the rules while you go on for gambling. Monte Carlo is very famous for the casino but you cannot just enter the casino and start betting rather you will have to follow some rules to continue playing.

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The first and foremost rule is that you must be above 18 years old and while entering any casino you will be asked for an identification proof. Moreover, there is a dress code and you cannot avoid this rule at all. Men should be tie and jacket and women should wear casual dresses.

Learn some French phrases and it will help you in the long run. French is the primary language of Monaco and knowing French will definitely help you in making a good interaction with the local people. yes, many people even speak English and Italian but French is the most common tongue.

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