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Impact of History on Culture of Monaco

Monaco is situated in the French Riviera and the culture of this tiny beautiful city-state is represented by Italian and French influences. When it comes to the standard of living of this country it is similar to that of the French urban areas. But before moving to the culture it is very important to know about the history of the country.

You cannot separate the history of Monaco from the House of Grimaldi. They have descended from Genoa and stood up as a prominent figure in Monaco during the 12th century. The rulers of Monaco have allied with several powers in the regions and the influence of this alliance can be seen in their culture.

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Due to the geographical positioning of the city-state, Monaco has faced many hindrances in the past. Mainly the hindrances were created by the French kings in order to conquer Italy.

In the year 1612, when Honore II was the king of France he signed a treaty of friendship between France and Monaco. And since then Monaco has been an independent state. Moreover, in the 1993 Monaco joined the United Nations and it was declared as the smallest member. Then in 2004, it joined the Council of Europe.

Monaco is still not the formal member of the EU but it follows all the EU policies. This small city-state is a constitutional monarchy and Prince Albert II is the head of the state. He was appointed in the year 2005 after the death of Prince Rainier. In the year 2010, Michel Roger a Frenchmen was appointed as the minister of state by the Prince.

History has a major role to play when it comes to knowing the culture of a country. Past has a lot to speak and it is from the past that culture gets its exact structure. It would have been a half-knowledge if you have not known about the history of Monaco and headed towards the culture.

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Monaco Culture Facts

The culture that you will find in the land of Monaco is highly influenced by ethnic tribe, religious beliefs, and their traditions. Interestingly, 95 percent of the people Monaco are Roman Catholic with some Anglian minorities.

Churches have a significant role to play in this small nation and it even shapes the culture of Monaco. You can find the true essence of a culture in Monaco during the special occasions and feast days.

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Most of the important rituals and ceremonies in Monaco is held during the Easter, feast days of Saint John’s Saint-Roman and Saint Blaise. Not only the influence of culture can be seen in the special occasions and festivals but you can even find the influence in food and language.

You will encounter the finest blend of Italian and French cuisine in Monaco. On the other hand, the languages that are widely spoken in Monaco are French, English, and Italian.

Marriages are an important part of Monaco culture and it is held according to the Roman Catholic traditions.

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The government of Monaco believes in promoting and preserving their culture. They organize special cultural events to ensure that the culture is being flourished. They even ensure that people enhance and relish every aspect of their culture.

If Monte Carlo is known for its casinos, then Monaco is known for the culture it holds. While you visit Monaco do not forget to spend some time in the cultural events that are held by the government to get the complete essence of the Monaco culture.

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