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Monte Carlo, the place well known for casinos and bars. It is a tax-free principality which is surrounded by France and the Maritime Alps. This small coastline has become a paradise for rich and famous people.

This place has the most star power compared to any other places in the world. But what is the reason behind it? Lewis Hamilton, Roger Moore and Bono reside here. Millions of people travel to this part of the world to try out their luck in casinos. However, no matter what they gain or loss but they take with themselves a plethora of memories. But not only gambling is the only source of attraction here.

You can spend your time enjoying the architecture and culture of this small state. As Monte Carlo is famous for casinos, Monaco is well known for celebrating their culture.

yachts at the wharfs in Monte Carlo

Best Time To Visit Monte Carlo

There is no best and worst time to visit when it comes to Monte Carlo. Anytime seems to be perfect when it’s all about the Mediterranean climate. But the tourist season and peak time of the year is July and August. During these times you will find that the hotels’ rents are less and there are many deals and offers put forward by the restaurant and café owners.

On the other hand, if you are a person who loves to tranquility and calmness we would suggest you skip these times of the year and visit when it is an off-peak season. As we have stated that there is no right and a wrong time to visit Monte Carlo as every time seems to be beautiful in this amazing place.

houses of Monte Carlo

Tourist Attraction in Monte Carlo

If you think that Monte Carlo is only famous for the casino, then you are wrong. it even has many other places when you can visit and loss the track of time because of its beauty.

Old Antoine Fort

The old Antoine fort is a place of attraction in Monte Carlo which you must not forget visiting. It is a historical site that went under massive construction in the year 1953. It is also a great place for theatre fans. It is now one of the most visited tourist attraction in Monaco. There is even a high observation tower in this ancient fort from where you can get a panoramic view of the whole Monaco state.

Old Antoine Fort in Monte Carlo

Palace Square

Palace square is another tourist attraction in Monte Carlo. Every day thousands of tourist gather on the square to witness the ceremonial changing of the palace guards. This ritual has turned out to be the symbol of the city.

Japanese Garden

Another tourist attraction is the Japanese garden which is located near the coastline. This Japanese garden is a large project that has been designed by the many talented florist and designers. This garden even has miniature waterfalls, bamboo fence, and stones. It is the best place in Monte Carlo where you can visit with your family and kids.

Japanese Garden in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Casino

If you are searing for tourist attraction in Monte Carlo, then head to the casino. It is the most visited place in Monte Carlo. This is another stop that is mandatory when it comes to the excursion in this small city-state. However, the wonderful casino in Monte Carlo was built in the year 1878 by Charles Garnier. At the first of the casino will seem to you like the famous Paris Opera. To add more beauty to its appearance of the casino flowering plants are planted in the façade of the building.

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

It is the best place in Monte Carlo to click magnificent pictures. World famous public figures like actors, players, and rich icons come to this casino to try out their luck. The ordinary public can only visit met the celebrities in two conditions, by maintaining the dress code and the other is by paying for entering. It is a good idea to spend some time in the casino not only because of gambling but also you can enjoy the beautiful garden and luxury building. While you have decided to spend your holidays in Monaco then do not skip visiting the beautiful Monte Carlo.

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