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Monte Carlo has a huge number of accommodations, it is sometimes very hard to decide about where to stay and which will be the best accommodation. If you are one among them who are suffering from this dilemma, then we are here to help you out.

Most Popular Hotels in Monte Cralo

Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

If you want a place of relaxation and sophistication, then Hotel Hermitage is the best pick. It is a modern accommodation in Monte Carlo that has the latest amenities. The most interesting part is the outlook of the hotel; it has been given the look of a historic palace.

Along with the infrastructure, there is a kind of serenity in the place. It has a very relaxing atmosphere that you will relish the most.

This hotel in Monte Carlo encompasses Eiffel hall, salon, guest rooms, spa, bar, and a pool. The cost of a room in Hotel Hermitage is 583 USD per night.

Address: Square Beaumarchais, Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco

Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in Monaco

Fairmont Monte Carlo

If you are in search of hotels in Monte Carlo near the casino, then Fairmont is one amid them. Fairmont Monte Carlo is a 4-star hotel. It is located in the heart of Monaco between legendary casino of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea.

From the rooms of this hotel, you will get the finest view of the blue sea and the well-known casino. There are 602 rooms in this hotel and every room is wonderfully decorated with modern amenities and Riviera style.

There are a number of restaurants and cafes in the hotel premises where you will find traditional Japanese and South American dishes. There are even lounges and bars that are open for 24 hours.

This is not the end to it, you will even find a fitness center and spa in this hotel too. Moreover, you will just have to spend 421 USD for a night stay in the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

Address: 12 Avenue des Spelugues, Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

Hotel Metropole is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Monaco. This hotel is near the casino, so you won’t have to take a long walk. This hotel has 125 elegant rooms, swimming pools for both adults and kids and even Michelin star restaurants.

The guest can relish at the Jeol Robuchon restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine and can even enjoy the Japanese cuisine in Yoshi restaurant.

You can spend some time in the spa of this hotel for the purpose of relaxation and then head towards the wellbeing and beauty treatments that are offered by Givenchy.

Hotel Metropole has won the best hotel award in both France and Monaco in the year 2018. On the other hand, it has even won the third prize for the best hotel in Europe.

This hotel is a complete package for people who love to spend their vacation in luxury and relaxations. The cost of a room in Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo is 499 USD per night.

Address: 4 Avenue de La Madone | Bp 19, Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo in Monaco

Hotel Olympia

If you are searching for a budgeted hotel, then the hotel Olympia is a perfect bet. It is a 3-star accommodation which is located in the borderline of Monte Carlo central area. You will find many restaurants and cafes nearby this hotel.

Hotel Olympia is small in size compared to other hotels in Monte Carlo but it provides wonderful service to its guest. You will have to spend 133 USD per night for a room in this hotel. The price of the rooms is quite reasonable when compared to other hotels in Monte Carlo.

Address: 17 B impasse General Leclerc, 06240 Beausoleil, France

Columbus Monte-Carlo

It is one of the most beautiful hotels with the best view in Monte Carlo. This hotel faces the rose garden that was dedicated to princess grace. This hotel is even near the casino and the old town.

Columbus has 28 suites and 181 guest rooms that are newly renovated. The rooms of this hotel are well equipped with mini bar, flat screen smart TV and a Jacuzzi. They have even provided a car parking facility for every guest. But you will even have to pay an extra charge for it depending on the time of the year you visit.

This hotel has been stated as one of the best hotels in Monte Carlo for its wonderful service and performance. However, you will have to spend 204 USD for a night stay in Columbus Monte Carlo.

Address: 23 Avenue des Papalins, Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco

Columbus Monte-Carlo in Monaco

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