Turkmenistan Travel Advice. One of the most unusual and beautiful countries in Central Asia

Ashgabat city, the capital of Turkmenistan, will capture your heart starting from the first moment of being there. The name ‘Ashgabat’ is translated from Persian as ‘Love City’.


Tips to make your trip safe and comfortable

To make your trip to this country remain in your memory as an amazing and safe adventure, it is necessary to follow the Turkmenistan Travel Advice mentioned below:

# 1 If you made up your mind and decided to visit magnificent Ashgabat, you should remember that in Asia all the tourists should respect local people, local laws and traditions. Bear in mind that some sightseeing places can be attended only with a representative of a tourist company.

#2 Hot climate in Turkmenistan makes guests of the city use sun-protective cosmetics, quality mosquito-repellent sprays and wear head coverings.


For conserving your health one should get vaccinations against typhus, hepatitis malaria and diphteria beforehand.

#3 Do not forget that in Ashgabat,  as well as throughout Turkmenistan, in  public spaces  smoking and consuming alcohol are forbidden.

Turkmenistan Pavilion

#4 When you buy expensive antiques for souvenirs, such as carpets or jewelry, ask for a special certificate that will confirm the fact of the sale. This certificate will help you to avoid problems with customs officials when you leave the country.

There is a stringent prohibition against export of carpets, that are older than 50 years old, archaeological showpieces, black caviar and fish.

Places of Interest in Ashgabat


The most popular viewpoints in Ashgabat are the Monument of Independence of Turkmenistan


the Remembrance Monument to the People Lost in the Ashgabat Earthquake and the main flag of Turkmenistan.


No matter what guided tour in Ashgabat you choose, your guide will show you the mindblowing fountain complex ‘Oghuz Khan and his sons’. The complex depicts the famous ancestor of Turkic tribes Oghuz Khan and his sons. This complex is in Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest fountain complex.


One of the main impressive viewpoints in Ashgabat is one of the biggest observation wheels in the world. It is situated in ‘Alem’ Cultural and Entertainment Center.


If before reading this review Turkmenistan was not on your list of ‘must-visit’ countries, please put it there and go to this country wasting no time! You will never regret it!

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