Places to visit in Tajikistan

Places to visit in Tajikistan. A small country with many attractions to see.

In the list of the most popular tourist destinations, Tajikistan would be at the bottom. It is definitely not in the top 20 of the countries, which are the most attractive for tourists. Nevertheless, it is the country that is definitely worth visiting.

What is so intriguing for visitors in Tajikistan?  First of all, samples of Zoroastrian civilization architecture and Islam culture attract people to this country. Opportunities for rock-climbers and thrill-seekers in the local mountains are simply unlimited.

You will definitely want to visit this country after reading about the top 5 places to visit in Tajikistan.

#1 The first thing to do in Tajikistan is to climb the so-called “The Roof of the World”. Take a trip along the Pamir Highway (the M41). You will have a chance to cover a distance from Khaburabot Pass (at a height of 3720 meters above sea level) to The Ak-Baital Pass. The Ak-Baital Pass (its name being translated as “white horse”) is the highest point on the highway (4655 meters above sea).picture Places to visit in Tajikistan

Buddhist relics in Tajikistan

#2 We highly recommend you to visit the Buddhist Cloister of Ajina-Teppa. The name of the cloister can be translated as ‘the temple of evil spirits’. For centuries, it looked as a usual hill, overgrown by thorns.

In the course of archaeological excavations in the XX century fragments of the biggest on Earth statue of Buddha, called “Buddha in Nirvana” was found on the hill.Tajikistan photo

#3 Today the statue “Buddha in Nirvana” is exhibited in the Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquities in Dushanbe. This sculptural image is like a diamond in the crown of the Museum collection. Therefore, the third place in our list would be the National Museum in Dushanbe.Tajikistan picture

photo of Tajikistan

Wildlife oasis

#4 When you are tired of concrete jungles, you can escape to the Karatag Gorge that is only 50 km from Dushanbe. You will find picturesque places here, a river with cold water and many wild fruit trees. Those who visit this place never forget it.pict Tajikistan

# 5 The last but not the least place in our top is called ‘Seven Lakes’. Some tourists travelling to Tajikistan get to know about it by chance. However, it is actually one of the most beautiful attractions in the whole country. It will impress you with breathtaking views of mountains and lakes.Tajikistan picture

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