Places to visit in Kazakhstan. Escape from the world you are tired of

Kazakhstan is glorious by many natural wonders, and each of them is unique. There are lots of picturesque places here. The biological diversity here is also impressive. Every experienced tourist dreams of visiting Kazakhstan. In this article we made an attempt to gather the most interesting places to visit in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Nature Reserves

#1 Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve is a protected environmental zone.

It is also the only wildlife habitat area of pink flamingos in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately people cannot come very close to observe flamingos.
Tourists can admire these wonderful birds only through the field glasses from a great distance.

#2 Altyn-Emel is a national park. Here one can listen to the singing sand drift. According to the legend Genghis Khan was buried here.

Welcome to the Realm of Rocks

#3 The Valley of Balls

The incredible Valley of Balls is on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, and it has been a puzzle for scientists for many years already. The scientists still rack their brains trying to find out, who had spilt these ‘stone beads’ right in the midst of the valley.
The Kazakhs have their own legend concerning these huge balls. According to the story these balls were enemies of the Kazakhs, who had been turned into stones thanks to the local people’s prayers.
There are also two scientific versions about how these balls appeared at the valley. The first one is rotation of the parts of Earth crust during the process of its breaking up.
The second version runs that there was an ancient sea in this area. This sea had licked the boulders into the right shape.
While scientists argue, the tourists just admire the beauty of the natural wonder.
#4 Sharyn Canyon
The unique creation of Palaeogene is 200 km from Almaty. The age of this natural wonder is about 12 million years.
The canyona is also called Castle Valley. Rotting of sedimentary rocks, which lasted for a millennium, resulted in appearance of ‘towers’ and ‘column pillars’.

There are many amazing places to visit in Kazakhstan, be free to choose any! If you prefer unique travelling destinations this Middle Asian country is definitely for you.

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