The Maldives is well-known because of its spectacular beaches as well as crystal clear blue waters and its top resorts that sit on top of the beach and others just above the waters. Many couples love going to the Maldives for their honeymoon and of course, it is for a good reason. The sun, sea, and sand make the Maldives just a perfect destination for the honeymooners. Everything here is just phenomenal and the villas are just amazing.

As if the available and fantastic resorts are not enough, some resorts are taking it to another level by offering their guests underwater accommodation. You heard it right, underwater accommodation! Sleeping deep down in the water as you enjoy the beautiful view of the underworld. I mean instead of awaking to sunrise you wake up to beautiful colored fish and amazing coral reef. Isn’t it amazing? Some hotels even have underwater restaurants so as you enjoy your lunch you can say high to Mr. Shark. The Maldives is quite famous for this marine life and what could be better than seeing it up close and you get to see all these without having to get wet, what could be better than that?

There are more than a hundred and eighty-seven varieties of coral life in Maldives and more than a thousand different species of fish and not forgetting the twenty-one different species of dolphins and whales as well as 5 different species of turtles. The fascinating marine life attracts lots of divers from all over the world. It is actually one of the top destinations in the world for divers. Having said that, let us talk about the Maldives underwater hotels.

Can you imagine being underwater enjoying a meal, sleeping beneath beautiful waters or enjoying some massage? Well, you can have all that and more when you visit the Maldives and choose to stay in one of the underwater hotels. These options are growing and some are already built while others are still being constructed.

Top Underwater Hotels in the Maldives

1. Conrad Hotels and Resorts, Maldives

Conrad Maldives is probably the best underwater hotel in the world. The underwater hotel is fully loaded with amenities like air conditioning, Flat TVs with prepaid cables, clock radios, duvet covers, feather pillows, coffee makers, seating areas with sofas, internet access, night lights, connecting rooms and hairdryers among other amenities.

The best place to have your food while you are in Conrad Maldives is the Ithaa an underwater restaurant that is made of glasses. The restaurant is about 16 feet underwater and the glasses make sure that you have a panoramic view of the beautiful underwater world. The restaurant serves European cuisine and you can have either lunch or supper from here.

And Ithaa restaurant is not the only restaurant in the Conrad Maldives, there are 7 more and there are four bars available as well. After you have enough lunch or supper, you can be sure of visiting the open-air cinema, or the fitness center, enjoy some spa session before heading to one of the three boutiques for some shopping.

2. Per Aquum, Maldives

This is definitely one of the best to relax in the entire universe. There are many restaurants and you can be sure to have some dinner under the water. This is a place you should be considering to go for a honeymoon if you are planning on getting married soon or you just got married. There are many villas and each one has a secluded deck to ensure you get as much privacy as possible. Inside the Villa, you will find a king-size bed, a room for entertainment, LED TV and Bose surround.

You can go ahead and choose a private studio and outdoor Jacuzzis and dining rooms. If you go for a family beach pavilion, it has 3 bedrooms and spa treatment as well as a Jacuzzi, living spaces and two pools.

The restaurants underwater offer you with an excellent view of the underwater world. There are options for foods whereby you can choose dining dishes from Asia, Africa, and American. The bar lovers are not left out as there are several bars available. There is just so much that this underwater hotel has to offer.

3. Anantara Kihavah Villas

A perfect place to dine as stare out to the ocean floor. The food is amazing and not forgetting the beautiful views makes you want to spend more time there. Try out some Japanese wagyu and some Maldivian lobster. The wine offered in this hotel is one of a kind and it dates back in 1795 and you know, the wine gets better as it gets old so you can be sure you are getting quality. So if you are looking for a fantastic place to relax and money is not a problem, you should definitely check out this hotel. You will be glad you did.

4. Niyama private islands the Maldives

The Niyama private islands are the home of the first underwater club in the world, Subsix. The club is accessible when you take a speedboat to the island then descend about 20 feet under the sea level and from there you can be sure of dancing all your problems away as you view the magnificent coral reef and other beautiful views that the Indian Ocean has to offer.

A four-course lunch is available and it runs ad from twelve noon to 2:30 in the afternoon. You can just go there for that if the club is not is your kind of thing. There normally different events in this place like, the champagne breakfasts or underwater glow party which you can participate and have more fun. And if you are staying at the resort, you can be sure to book Subsix for a dining experience to remember.

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